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Barbados Volcanic Ash Update

Barbados continues to experience volcanic ash in Barbados after the eruption from the La Soufriere Volcano in the neighboring island of St. Vincent. While there is substantial ash over Barbados, we remain confident that we will return to normal when the dust settles. Our Property Management team also provides some useful tips on “How to Prevent your PRoperty from Volcanic Ash.”

Top 5 FAQs on Barbados Volcanic Ash  

  • When did La Soufriere Volcano in St. Vincent erupt?

On Friday, April 9th, 2021 was the first eruption however, it continues to have activity and we expect it likely there will be further eruptions in the coming days.

 How close is St. Vincent to Barbados?

Approximately 21 -30 minutes by plane, basically in our backyard.

  • Is Barbados covered in ash?

Yes, it currently appears as if there is snow in Barbados with higher densities of ashfall in the West and Northern sections of the island.

  • Is the Barbados Airport Closed?

Yes, the Grantley Adams International Airport remains closed until noon, Wednesday April 14th, 2021

  • Where can I view the Barbados Press Conference on the Barbados volcanic ash?

Why right here on Blue Sky Luxury’s page, we’ve embedded the video below.



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