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Staying Safe While Vacationing with Blue Sky Luxury


At Blue Sky Luxury, health and safety are important to us as it is to our rental clients. Regular inspections result in safe living accommodations and our printed property information give tips on health and safety. We highly recommend reading these tips provided to be informed and aware. Here are a few tips that will help you stay safe while on your next holiday vacation in Barbados: Always remember to...

The Importance of Conducting an Annual Inventory


The importance of keeping a complete, cataloged inventory listing of all of the items (including appliances, equipment, furniture, soft furnishings, cutlery, towels, and linens) at your home cannot be overstated. All items in all buildings such as garages, storage areas, and gazebos should be included. This is very important when requesting insurance coverage and having the necessary documentation should an insurance claim need to be made. For Blue Sky Luxury...

Air Conditioner Maintenance in a COVID Environment


The weather in Barbados is hot and humid. While this makes for a great holiday home location, it also means that your air condition systems have to work really hard to ensure the air inside your home is cooler than the air outside. Our Barbados climate can cause unique challenges for the electrical and mechanical appliances on our properties. The extreme heat we experience here can put a lot of...

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