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Get Ready for Barbados Sailing Week!


Video compliments Barbados Sailing Week.   Barbados Sailing Week takes place from January 16th to 24th, 2019! And our team is SO excited. From coastal races to the round the island race…we’re looking forward to seeing who wins their weight in Mount Gay Extra Old Rum!

5 Reasons Summer is The Best Time to Travel to Barbados


As far as tropical paradise goes, Barbados is pretty hard to beat! Year round sunshine, gorgeous crystal clear waters, friendly people and a never-ending calendar of events keep visitors coming back time and again for more! The busiest season is winter of course, when snowbirds seek escapism from the endless cold, the appeal is obvious. But there is a little known secret that many in the diaspora know: SUMMER is...

Christmas in Jamaica


  As we draw near to the festive season, I think it is a fitting time to share traditions of Christmas in the Caribbean. Being from Jamaica, I have such vivid memories of the holidays. Now that I live in Barbados, and have also worked extensively in Antigua and Saint Lucia, amongst other islands in the Caribbean, I realize that all of our islands share quite similar heritage with their...

Going Bananas for St. Lucia!


Simply Beautiful St. Lucia is the third new destination to join the Blue Sky Luxury portfolio and we’re delighted to be able to offer you over 30 new homes to choose from as your perfect holiday accommodation. The island of St. Lucia is equally famed for its beautiful dramatic landscape, palm-fringed beaches and turquoise blue seas as it is for its delicious bananas -both tourism and banana production are mainstays...

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