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Bringing you a taste of Barbados


Because we could all use a glass of Barbados’ finest right about now and we’re committed to bringing you a taste of Barbados. Sharing with you our famous rum punch recipe to try out no matter where you are.  

Bawa Yoga in Barbados


A favorite to many seeking a Barbados vacation escape, we hope that you can find peace within, whether you’re inside or outside. Stay healthy and keep moving with one of our favorite yogis Bawa Yoga. Follow her on Instagram @bawayoga. Barbados will always be a place of refuge for those seeking peace and respite.

Marry Me!


  “Summer, Summer, Summertime! Time to sit back and unwind”. (Admit it, you sang along in your head.) Things are heating up, a sure sign that the Summer months are upon us. Not only is the weather perfect for boardshorts and bikinis but the beautiful summer weather in Barbados and the stunning blues of the Caribbean Sea serve as the perfect backdrop for outdoor nuptials. Here are a few of...

The Romance of a Villa Wedding/ Honeymoon


   Bridelife Issue # 4 -Summer 2014  Featuring a Villa wedding at Greensleeves

Picture Perfect Prenup


The Picture Perfect Prenp Explore your ultimate Barbados Villa Wedding with Blue Sky Luxury Pre-Nuptials and enter to win this picture perfect package Chances are if you’re engaged you’ve seen, downloaded or even created your own wedding checklist. One of the first things to do is set the date and reserve your venue, an item that can probably use a checklist of its own.  At Blue Sky Luxury we’ve got...

A Villa Wedding: Something to think about!


Should you consider a Blue Sky Luxury villa destination wedding in Barbados? Let’s find out! Do you want a private, multi-day celebration with your friends and family? Do you want to be the only bride and groom at your wedding and reception venue on your very special day? Do you want a romantic, luxurious outdoor setting for your ceremony? Do you want your destination wedding planner and Barbados expert to...

Snow at Sandy Lane!


A few weeks ago an e-mail came into my inbox from a couple of our previous guests (who are also friends of mine)– Gareth and Lucie. The photos attached showed a young cat who was clearly intrigued by experiencing snow for the first time, which is perhaps not surprising considering that the cat – known as ‘Julia Roberts’ for reasons which have never been made clear! –is actually a Bajan...

Serendipity for Visitors from New York!


A New York couple who thought the husband’s treasured wedding ring had been lost forever was surprised to receive a phone call from their holiday home rental agent, Bajan Services, more than a week after their departure, sharing the miraculous news that the ring had been recovered from its watery grave! Dr. Anthony DeSena and his wife Bridget from New York were vacationing with their friends at Colina Del Mar...

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