Barbados Volcanic Ash Tips

Barbados is currently experiencing a thick plume of volcanic ash resulting from eruptions from the La Soufriere Volcano in the neighboring island of St. Vincent. The ashfall is evident across the island of Barbados and particularly heavy on the West Coast and northern sections of the island and expected to continue for as long as the volcano continues to erupt. Our Property Management team shares some tips to help you protect your property from continued ash fall in Barbados.

Our Property Management team manages over 240+ Barbados rental properties. We have hands-on experience as you can imagine with the high volume of ash in Barbados over the weekend. The following are precautions that you can take if you are currently on the island.

Tips to Prevent your Property from Volcanic Ash

. Keep doors and windows closed to minimize the amount of ash entering your property.

. Persons who suffer from respiratory conditions such as asthma and eye allergies should be particularly careful to have their medication on hand at all times.

. Limit the use of air-conditioners and clothes dryers to reduce the likelihood of the ash impacting the functionality of systems.

. Persons who need to drive are advised to do so with caution due to reduced visibility at this time and are advised to use lights and the car wiper system if visibility becomes difficult. Also, refrain from using the vehicle’s ventilation system.

. Consider covering or bringing furniture indoors to protect from the ash.

. Protect yourself by using a mask or cloth face covering to provide relief from the ash.

. Ensure that pets are sheltered and have adequate food and water and that their food and water containers are thoroughly washed periodically.

. For those with private pools, if the current ash fall is light, similar to construction dust and the pool filtration system is designed to filer such. You are however advised to shut off the pumps if the ash fall gets significantly worse. Outdoor activity should therefore be minimized, as exposure to ash can be harmful to your health, particularly the respiratory tract. Persons are therefore advised to stay indoors where possible. PS: See our Preventative Maintenance for Pools Tips


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