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The Importance of Regular Property Inspections and Maintenance


  Regular property inspections and maintenance play a crucial role in ensuring the longevity, safety, and overall functionality of any property. Whether it is a residential home or rental property, routine inspections and timely maintenance are essential for identifying potential issues, addressing them promptly, and minimising future risks. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of regular property inspections and maintenance, highlighting how these practices can save you...

Blue Sky Luxury Staffing Services to Cater to your Every Need


Purchased a new home through Terra! Our sister company, Blue Sky Luxury, has a dedicated staffing services division, and we can provide vetted temporary staffing services for cooks, chefs, butlers, housekeepers, gardeners, and other services. All new staff are trained to high standards, including all new health and safety protocols.               Our Services Our team will handle the payroll for any permanent staff and...

Knowledge Safety Checks & Disaster Preparedness


Safety checks and disaster preparedness are essential for ensuring that individuals and communities are ready to handle unforeseen emergencies. These measures can help individuals minimise the impact of disasters and recover more quickly. The following outline provides a brief overview of the key aspects of knowledge safety checks and disaster preparedness. Have a quick read below; even if it is just a refresher, it will only take 1 minute and...

Setting up Property for Short-Term Holiday Rental


You have just purchased your new holiday home and want to decorate and set it up for rental.   Our Property Management team at Blue Sky Luxury Barbados has lots of experience helping new owners set up and manage their new holiday homes. Here are some tips on how to set up your property as a Short Term holiday rental. Stick to a neutral color palette. Most guests prefer soothing tones....

What Do I Need to Do to Get My House Long Term Tenant Ready?


Congratulations on taking the leap and investing in a property! Rental homes are a long-term investment. If well-maintained, a home will continue producing income for decades. Your new purchase offers passive income and limited maintenance and repairs responsibility. Of course, you also have the freedom of an amazing business opportunity, which over time increases in price. The First Steps Now that you are ready to enter the rental market, let...

Small Projects – How we manage them, so you don’t have to


Small home projects in Barbados can become a hassle and very time-consuming.  Things often work on “ Bajan time “, and this cuts into time spent on the golf course, at the beach, or sipping on a sundowner. The property management team are experts at all things home maintenance.  This is what we do! We are skilled at ensuring small projects around the home are tackled as quickly and efficiently...

Things You Don’t Think About As A Homeowner


As a homeowner you can rely on our experienced property management team to look after your investment. We will provide guidance on some of the things that you don’t think about until they become an issue. You Need to Tidy Up Before a Storm Our team of experienced Property Managers will take the appropriate preventative steps where possible, to reduce or even prevent property owners from being saddled with thousands...

Is Your Swimming Pool Good To Go For A Swim


Ready to go for a SWIM? Does the water look clear, or does it look cloudy? Don’t try to take the maintenance of your pool into your own hands to save money! When you hire a dedicated Blue Sky Luxury property manager to look after your investment, we will liaise with the pool maintenance professionals on your behalf!  Your Pool MUST be Cleaned Regularly: SKIM off leaves, or any larger...

Don’t Let Your Grease Trap Become a Nightmare


Importance of a Grease Trap Grease traps are a requirement for any holiday rental accommodation. A blocked grease trap could fast become an expensive plumbing undertaking; therefore, scheduled grease trap cleaning could save our clients money. The residual grease from cooking will harden in the pipes, leading to a steady grease buildup, and eventually blocked pipes. You also run the risk of having the sewage system blocked, when your kitchen...

The Importance of Doing an Annual Inventory


The importance of keeping a complete, catalogued, inventory listing of all of the items (including appliances, equipment, furniture, soft furnishings, cutlery, and linens) at your home cannot be overstated. All items in all areas, such as garages, storage gazebos, and should be included.  This is very important when requesting insurance coverage and having the necessary documentation should an insurance claim need to be made. How our team can help you...

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