Congratulations on taking the leap and investing in a property! Rental homes are a long-term investment. If well-maintained, a home will continue producing income for decades. Your new purchase offers passive income and limited maintenance and repairs responsibility. Of course, you also have the freedom of an amazing business opportunity, which over time increases in price.

The First Steps

Now that you are ready to enter the rental market, let us look at how to get you there, stress-free, with competent guidance from our property management team. Having Blue Sky Luxury as your Property Managers brings tangible and intangible benefits. We do more than oversee the running of your property. 

Our Property Management team provides responsible management:

  •  Property cash flow 
  • Oversight of your budget, with the goal of reducing your running costs
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Utility monitoring
  • Inventory management
  • Building audits
  • Fire and safety checks

We will also provide a monthly expense statement and quarterly manager’s reports. Once you have determined whether you will be renting furnished or unfurnished, we can enroll you to our Blue Sky Luxury group plan that offers the best rates for building and contents insurance. We will complete a Property Manual with a list of certified technicians. Regular scheduled servicing and preventative maintenance visits guarantee that your equipment operates at optimum proficiency. Benefits include extending the lifespan of your home inventory and keeping your home in pristine condition. Once you have secured a rental, we will carefully read the lease to ensure tenants uphold their contractual obligations.

At handover, the water and electricity metres are read, and an inspection is completed with the tenant. Service and maintenance checks are performed. These checks include steam-cleaning furnishings, Air Conditioning maintenance, and servicing fire safety equipment. We document any concerns and provide a copy of the inventory, keys, gate fobs, and equipment operating instructions. This makes it hassle-free for the tenants’ departure.

During a tenancy, we will promptly coordinate and fix any landlord-related tenant issues, inspect the external areas, and coordinate onsite work at the property. We will also schedule an interior inspection to ensure tenants maintain the property as agreed. We will continue monthly monitoring to ensure that rents are collected and utility payments remain up-to-date.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are reading along and are excited about the prospect of being a landlord and this sounds like a suitable long-term investment for you, then take the next step with us, the property management experts.

Written By: Diana Tasker, Blue Sky Luxury Property Manager


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