Small home projects in Barbados can become a hassle and very time-consuming.  Things often work on “ Bajan time “, and this cuts into time spent on the golf course, at the beach, or sipping on a sundowner.

The property management team are experts at all things home maintenance.  This is what we do!

We are skilled at ensuring small projects around the home are tackled as quickly and efficiently as possible, so that you can enjoy your home, and not spend your time in Barbados around home projects.

We Work with the Best

Each property manager has a team of skilled and high-quality contractors and suppliers on call. These relationships are paramount to ensuring that we can have someone on property the moment we need them in an emergency, and who we trust to maintain your property throughout the year. Equally important, these contractors work with our property management team to ensure basic maintenance projects are handled smoothly and to the Blue Sky Luxury standard.

When your air conditioner is being serviced, or you have a new appliance being installed, you don’t want to be stuck at home waiting for it to be delivered and installed.  We can take away that inconvenience.

These tasks seem small, but can be frustrating, and patience-testing.  Leave that to us.

We keep an open line of communication to ensure you are aware of each small project, but don’t have the hassle of taking care of it yourself. Often, we take pictures, or send updates to keep you in the loop! Of course, there are some home owners, who just want it sorted and don’t wish to know the details.

Hassle-Free Management

When you come to your home in Barbados, you want to walk in and enjoy it. You don’t visit to have to make arrangements to have the Ac units serviced, the gutters cleaned, and to fix up the peeling paint on the shutters. The majority of our work happens “ behind the scenes “ when you are not in your home.  We take this time to make sure everything works the way it needs to, and looks the way you want it to. Time is money, and your time is valuable.  Part of our goal is to ensure you make the most of your time in Barbados, the way you want to.

Let us take care of the coordination, installations, services, and maintenance checks so that you can maximize your time here.


Written By: Alexandra Clark, Blue Sky Luxury Property Manager


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