The Hurricane season will soon be upon us, and with that comes the probability that we could experience tropical storms and hurricanes, all of which require preparedness in order to alleviate perilous problems throughout the season.

Our team of competent Property Managers take the appropriate preventative steps where possible, to reduce or even avoid property owners from being saddled with thousands of dollars in damages should we be affected by such weather systems.


Our PM Team Stays Informed

Dedicated members of the PM team sign up for emergency updates with varying apps and alert the entire team to any warnings that may potentially affect us.

On receiving an alert, the team will advise on the severity of the approaching inclement weather. This allows the other PM team members to make informed decisions concerning their personal safety, the safety of the villa staff and planning for the safety and protection of the properties they manage.

The Meteorological Office usually gives one of these alerts:

Tropical Storm watch or Hurricane watch – the team will monitor alerts, check supplies and top-up any essentials needed in case of a power outage.

Tropical Storm Warning or Hurricane warning – the team will monitor alerts, and heed any warnings for evacuation, especially where guests are on the property.


Our PM Team plans for all eventualities

“There is no excuse for not being properly prepared” especially as we enter the hurricane season. The No.1 priority of the PM’s is to make plans with their families and villa staff as they prepare for all eventualities.

The team will follow these emergency preparedness steps:

    1. Prepare emergency kits for their homes and the properties they manage.
    2. Make preparations for power outages.
    3. Ensure their gas tanks are kept full.
    4. Become familiar with more than one route to the properties they manage.
    5. Provide emergency contact details. This way guests will have a direct contact if there are any issues during the storm or hurricane.
    6. Identify the nearest hurricane shelter and ensure that guests know how to get there in case they need to evacuate.
    7. Advise in-house guests to have a travel bag with essentials prepared in case they need to evacuate. It should be light and easy to carry.
    8. If there are pets, at any property the PM will include them in the hurricane preparedness plans.


Our PM Team will provide basic emergency supplies

The team will ensure each property has the necessary basic emergency supplies. For e.g.

    • Flashlights
    • Extra Batteries
    • Battery operated radio
    • First Aid Kit
    • Water (enough for at least two to three days, a gallon of water per person per day).
    • Toiletries


Our PM Team will safeguard the properties we manage

Heavy rain and high winds can cause damage to a property. To alleviate costly damages, Property Managers will take these additional precautions before the storm or hurricane arrives.

    1. Ensure homeowners insurance coverage is up to date.
    2. Protect windows and doors by covering them with plywood or hurricane shutters.
    3. If a property is prone to flood, consider placing sandbags or absorbent flood barriers around your home’s perimeter and doors that are suspect.
    4. Remove and store pool umbrellas to avoid these becoming missiles.
    5. Store lightweight items such as pool toys and patio furniture. Secure any furniture remaining outside that could become missiles in high winds.
    6. Check for loose shutters or screens. Tighten them as needed.
    7. Trim and cut back trees.
    8. Secure any loose wires and cables.
    9. Remove debris from gutters and downpipes.
    10. Inspect roof, and repair loose or damaged shingles.
    11. Test septic pumps and clear exterior drains of debris.
    12. Test generators and ensure adequate supply of fuel available.


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