Moor in Barbados

Coming aware from my meditation, I sit on one of the most fantastic beaches in Barbados. I look around and there are family bubbles, swimmers, and joggers. People are happy. What stood out the most for me, were the yachts that were moored on the horizon, and the sense of peace. Suddenly I was (even more) grateful and wanted to share the experience with those moored at their home ports and unable to travel. If you miss the salt on your face, endless leagues of blue and you need respite; my friends, there is that and more in Barbados.


Life on the beach

It is on one of my daily jaunts to the beach, that I realise that there is freedom on the water and happiness in the things that you can do together as a family. While yachts bob on the horizon, the sun sets to the tune of freedom. A gentleman is doing a mini-triathlon – without the cycling (Ok, he’s running and swimming), the cutest baby is exploring a sandcastle, little girls are dancing on the water’s edge, and the health and wellness buffs are on the third rep of pushups, squats or sit-ups. The selfie crowd is taking advantage of the golden glow of the sunset. Pout. Pose. Pic! It’s life on the beach at its socially distanced best.

Beach Hopping – South to West

Truthfully, I beach hop a lot, there are different things I love about different beaches. At Silver Sands beach, the kite surfers dot the horizon and I enjoy the beauty of sunrise in the morning while they perform amazing feats. Silver Sands beach is just off the Atlantic Ocean, it’s a bit more rugged, not ideal for sea bathing unless you know the spots to go to. What I love is the wide beach which is perfect for long walks and exploration. A trip further down the south coast to Accra Beach brings you to the boardwalk and over 2 miles of beach to spend some family time and maybe grab a burger from the holy grail of eateries Chefette. My favourite though I must admit is the West Coast, my meditation spot. It’s a wide beach with calm man-made rock inlets for younger children to swim (Accra as well) and it’s so expansive, you easily find a spot to social distance. Close to Speightstown, I can grab some of the best freshly baked turnovers on the island from the PRC bakery and pick up groceries from the nearby supermarkets. I can pre-order for curbside pickup something healthier from ‘Orange Street Grocer.’ More so, I can enjoy time to rejuvenate in the outdoors.


Moor in Barbados, you decide

My love for Barbados and its world-famous beaches makes my job as a holiday home expert soul-satisfying. If you are allowed to moor in Barbados, maybe drop anchor for a couple of weeks and stay at one of our Barbados vacation rentals at Blue Sky Luxury. For 6 months+ stay, our sister company Terra Luxury also offers stunning residences at both Port Ferdinand and Port St. Charles where you can berth. Port St. Charles is an official port of entry with Immigration, customs, coastguard, and police. Units 147129, and 102 offer options for couples or large families. Port Ferdinand is also another amazing lifestyle marina development to choose from. Fair warning, you may fall in love with the spectacular ocean views and breathtaking sunsets of Port Ferdinand 103. Maybe it’s the meditation that brought me clarity but we’re extremely grateful in Barbados. The freedom of the beach and the friendliness of the people remain the same. Maybe you too can moor in Barbados, it’s lovely here.

If you’re interested in Barbados Travel news and updates, our blogs ‘Barbados Racing Towards Herd Immunity’ and ‘Summer Travel 2021?’ offer insight into the progress of the vaccination programme in Barbados. We also ponder on travel for Summer Travel 2021 and would love to hear your thoughts.


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