Property Management

Our Property Management team is the largest and friendliest group in Barbados, and we enjoy what we do! We make the safety of our people and our owners’ property a priority. Download our top 5 tips on how we maintain hurricane ready villas and support our guests on the island during adverse weather. Our team manages over 150-holiday rentals properties, and it’s a labour of love! We’re never complacent because of our 65-year record of no hurricanes in Barbados. We pride ourselves on being ready.

All year round we ensure consistency and quality of service and during the hurricane season, we go the extra mile to ensure that our villas are hurricane ready. See below for a few common tips, some of which you can do at your own home.

  • Our properties have a battery-powered radio and other important items and equipment
  • Gutters are cleared (including downpipes) Watch below as Peter ensures that Eden is ready for any adverse weather
  • Roofs are cleared of debris (branches etc.)
  • All water systems are checked including  backup pumps and controls
  • Guests are stocked on medications, baby formula, personal hygiene items
  • Guests are stocked on non-perishables, have 1 gal water per person per day
  • Property Managers /staff know & can locate closest hurricane shelter

We’re always here for our guests and ensure that we put people and the properties that they stay at a priority. Download our top 5 ways on how we stay hurricane ready in Barbados.

Check out Peter at the stunning Sugar Hill – Eden

Sugar Hill - Eden video

PS: At Blue Sky Luxury we have over 200 properties in our BSL property management portfolio and 150 of these are vacation rental homes. Contact us for more information on Property Management in Barbados or to book your Barbados vacation villa.