Near or far, travelling should be about crossing borders – no pun intended. Step out of old routines and into new experiences in order to have a different type of fun. Now don’t find yourself in a “Locked Up Abroad” type of situation but inserting yourself into the culture and local swing of things is a good idea. To help you upgrade your travel experience, here are a few tips to help you step out of your comfort zone and get started on the journey to the best vacation ever!


 #1 – Local Friends

Easily make friends with the locals by staying connected to your vacation rental operator. They usually live in the neighborhood or are able to recommend the best local spots and introduce you to additional contacts. This also provides a great opportunity to socialize.  Consider inviting them to lunch or for a drink at one of the many rum shops across the island and use this as an opportunity to learn as much as you can.


#2 – Choose a Vacation Home & Live Like a Local

Rent a vacation home instead of a hotel room. While a hotel stay encourages guests to use room service and the hotel’s taxis , is this really what you want? You haven’t just travelled miles to experience much of the same so why not immerse yourself in the local experience even further by selecting one of the many vacation rental homes available. That way, you choose the type of accommodation to best suit your needs and you can more easily venture out and ask questions! Where’s a great place for lunch? What’s the best way to get downtown? What’s it like to live here? These questions can sometimes unexpectedly expose you to a lesson or two about navigating society from an unofficial guide but don’t forget to be smart about it.


#3 – The Fun of Dining In

The cost of dining out can really add up, especially if you plan on doing it daily and going to the grocery store can get tricky, especially if you’re forced to navigate unfamiliar brands. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and get creative. Or, if you are feeling less adventurous, order delivery from a local shop or ask your rental operator to recommend a private chef for a more special occasion. Some of the vacation homes are also serviced by talented staff who can take care of your needs on island or whip you up the most delectable local fare. Chances are you will end up with a new but lovely local and tasty memory to share.


#4 – The Permission to Get Lost

Getting lost is usually not something you want to do. Ironically, alot of the times you’ve gotten lost, it was because you took a shortcut trying to get somewhere quickly. However, getting lost on vacation is often a doorway to an exciting adventure as you chart your own course instead of relying completely on tour guides and operators. You still want to be careful and not put yourself in danger. If you veer a little too off the beaten track, the locals are known for their hospitality and friendly nature so feel free to stop and ask for directions. Be mindful though that the directions may be unlike anything you are familiar and may from time to time include references to livestock.



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