What’s on your mind for 2019? Whatever you decide, if you want to take your new year’s resolution to the next level – while making fond memories and stirring up a bit of holiday envy – Barbados is the place to do it! Here are the top five resolutions you can make – and keep – in Barbados!

Spend More Time with Family

The hustle and bustle of life sometimes takes us away from spending enough quality moments with friends and family. But, we’re here to change that for 2019. Create a tradition by stealing away to paradise with your nearest and dearest, complete with a spacious, family-oriented holiday home and fun and activities for everyone to enjoy. Not to mention calm inviting beaches, numerous museums and other educational attractions and activities for the little ones!

Strike a Balance

When it comes to health and wellness, balance is key to our overall wellbeing, so glow your way to better health throughout the year with a bit of relaxation in Barbados. Gorgeous holiday homes await to spoil you and yours with fetching views, serene ambiances and all the frills you need to have a therapeutic getaway. Yes, go ahead and imagine a home yoga session by the pool and massage and beauty treatments right in your holiday home’s lush, tropical garden!

Get Back to nature

If finding a way out of the technology jungle is your top priority for 2019, then Barbados offers you the crown jewels of Mother Nature’s handiwork. Take your senses on a journey to zen on every stunning coasts of the island. Breathe deeply along the palm-fringed west and feel the pure sea-tinged air fill your lungs. Or retreat to the countryside – to a verdant oasis at Hunte’s Garden or Farley Hill National Park and enjoy nature’s melody of whistling frogs, chirping birds and rustling leaves. Soaking in a tide pool on the energetic Atlantic east coast is also a must!

Become a Foodie

This year explore the foodie lifestyle while enjoying a warm, welcoming Barbados vibe. Enjoy exquisite signature dishes at our world-renowned restaurants such as The Cliff and The Lone Star Restaurant or bury your toes deep in the sand as you savour fresh fish at Ju Ju’s or a chic cocktail at La Cabane. Or, venture street-side for the most authentic Barbadian food experience yet, complete with all the local delicacies you have – and haven’t – heard of!

Try something new

Finally, if you think it’s high time you mixed it up a bit, then Barbados also checks that box. Live 2019 completely out of your comfort zone by exploring the island’s unbeaten paths. Try hiking through the island’s countryside or the enchanting Harrison’s Cave; enjoy a game of polo with rum punch in hand; or, get the adrenaline going by taking a spin around the island’s motorsports facility at Bushy Park!

Whatever tickles your fancy, Barbados is definitely a must do in 2019. Get the ball rolling on your 2019 travel resolution by perusing our beautiful holiday homes here!