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Calling all competitive – and hobbyist – swimmers! From November 7 through November 11, the most spectacular open water swimming event will take place on the island – we welcome you to the 2018 Barbados Open Water Festival!

The five-day festival, which has become a staple on the Barbados calendar of sporting events for the past seven years, will feature three practice swims, one fun event and will culminate with three swim races – all hosted at some of the most spellbinding beaches the island has to offer. Check out the full schedule for the Barbados Open Water Festival!

The great thing about the Barbados Open Water Festival is that it is the perfect blend of competitive action, camaraderie, gorgeous views and an experience like no other open water festival! But don’t just take our word for it! We’ve met with veteran competitor Amanda Garcia, our skilled Property Manager of luxury villa Crystal Springs to get a first-hand account of the amazing festival!


Amanda Garcia (left)

Q: How long have you been competing in the Open Water Festival and what piqued your interest to participate?

A: This is the festival’s 7th year and I have competed every year. There is nothing like open water swimming to keep you in shape, and swimming in the ocean means no harsh chlorine on the hair and skin. Being out in the ocean amongst the waves and sea life is very therapeutic.


Q: What is your favourite thing about the Open Water Festival?

A: The camaraderie.  The festival attracts swimmers from as far as Australia and it is a wonderful way to meet new people.  What is rather funny is that my training partner and I are very good friends until that whistle blows, then our friendship is all but forgotten.  When we cross the finish, we are best of friends again!


Q: Is there any chance of spotting a turtle or two during the swim?

A: The waters off Carlisle Bay are literally crystal clear, and during the swim, we usually see a lot of sea life – from turtles to many types of fish, and if you are lucky you may even see a spotted stingray. All very harmless, gentle and beautiful creatures!


Q: What would you say to anyone who wants to enter?

A: We have a Canadian family of four – mom, dad, daughter and son – that participate every year and they always say that coming to Barbados for this event is their most memorable family vacation.


Q: If you’re a visitor to Barbados, where’s the best place to eat after a long swim?

A: There are such wonderful places to eat in Barbados, however, as the swim takes place in Carlisle Bay, Copacabana, The Boatyard, Lobster Alive and Harbor Lights are a few of the places within walking distance from the event.

Amanda wrapped up by offering an open invitation to anyone who may be interested in visiting for the festival: “The open water festival caters to all categories of swimmers – from those that just want to do some underwater sightseeing to the very serious long distance swimmer. This well-organized event is a must for any class of swimmer, and it is a wonderful reason – or even excuse – to come and experience our beautiful island!”

We wish Amanda and all participants a safe and exciting Barbados Open Water Festival 2018!

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