Photo compliments Rachel Edwards

Head on down to Batts Rock, St. James to experience sundowners at La Cabane, Barbados’ newest and trendiest beach bar! With uninterrupted views across perfectly turquoise waters and breathtaking views, La Cabane is a breezy drive away from luxury vacation rentals Senderlea and The newly renovated The Villa &  The One at the St. James. Described as “ A place to relax all day, from early morning for breakfast through until late for dinner under the stars.”  We’ve been to La Cabane, we’ve seen and we’ve tasted … and it lives up to the description!

Located south of the playground between the existing lawn and the beach, this little slice of paradise is perfect for the whole family! Sit with your toes in the sand while enjoying breakfast, lunch or dinner, with a good selection of cocktails and wines against stunning views of the west coast shoreline. What makes this new addition to the beach bar scene so exciting is the fact that one of the two proprietors is none other than Julien ‘Papa Jules’ Gualdoni – better (and formerly) known as the head mixologist at the prestigious The Cliff Restaurant


Photo compliments La Cabane                                         

Born and raised in France, Papa Jules is known for his extraordinary cocktails that carry the signature of a master blender. In a previous feature on, he explained that he brought his mastery to the island after deciding that he ‘needed to be somewhere tropical and living the island life,’ a yearning which he explained stemmed from his desire to be ‘where the sun shines every day, the sea is turquoise blue and warm and is a big part of your life.’

Therefore, with the opening of La Cabane with Papa Jules at the helm, the perks of booking a Caribbean holiday villa on the West Coast will definitely bring you closer to paradise! And its all so timely as Barbados is about to celebrate The Barbados Food and Rum Festival 2018, later in October! Featuring acclaimed local and international chefs and mixologists, we’ll tell you how to book your tickets, what to expect and where to stay…until then!

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