5 Historic Sites You Must Visit in Barbados!

Every island and country boasts about their historic gems. But in Barbados, our stories are quite colourful!  With chapters of our history featuring protagonists such as pirates and their shenanigans, and even presidents of great nations, we’re sure you’ll appreciate visiting these iconic locations for a peek into the island’s past!

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The Barbados Museum & Historical Society

While perusing the island’s capital, you are actually traversing the only UNESCO World Heritage Site on the island – Bridgetown and its Historic Garrison; and, the latter half of this designated area is so called for a good reason. Within the Garrison’s historic area is the island’s national museum, which is home to exhibits categorized under the children’s gallery, African gallery, military gallery, social history gallery, the Harewood Gallery (dedicated to the flora and fauna of the island) and more. And, what makes the national gallery even more special, is the fact that it is housed within the former military prison! While opening hours vary on Sunday, you may visit the Barbados Museum & Historical Society any day of the week!

George Washington House

Of all the impressive buildings at the Historic Garrison, one has the distinct pleasure of carrying the name of one of the greatest men in American history. The two histories collide in 1751 at the beautiful George Washington House, which was the accommodation for the future First President of the United States while traveling with his sick brother to what, at that time, was considered the healing hub of this hemisphere – Barbados! Notably, this was his only visit to a country outside of the United States – ever. Today, the house has been masterfully renovated and, and from Monday through Friday, welcomes visitors curious to take a tour and hear its story.

Morgan Lewis Windmill

In Barbados, it is normal to find pristinely preserved plantation homes with remnants of a mill wall somewhere on their lush acreage; however, a trip to Morgan Lewis presents the direct opposite. The skyline at Morgan Lewis features the largest and only complete sugar windmill in the whole Caribbean – overshadowing the other remnants of the former plantation estate! Not only has the structure survived the 18th and 19th centuries, but the windmill’s machinery still works, wowing visitors to the attraction with sugar cane-grinding demonstrations that produce fresh, lovely cane juice! Take a sightseeing drive to the mill, or visit from December to April to witness the firsthand demonstration! (Opening and operating hours are subject to change.)

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Gun Hill Signal Station

Exactly two hundred years ago, ground was broken at one of the highest peaks of the parish of St. George to establish somewhat of an internal security system for the island. Today, it is a popular visitor attraction thanks to having one of the most commanding views of the island. Welcome to the Gun Hill Signal Station, considered the finest of the chain of stations used to signal any military trouble approaching the island’s shores; but, this was only one of the amazing functions bestowed upon the two-man staff that manned the signal station. Take a visit from Monday through Saturday to discover more of its amazing history!

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Blackman’s Gully

Blackman’s Gully in St. Joseph represents the island’s most signature geological formation, complete with lush flora and indigenous fauna such as the green monkey. Now one of the staples on many hiking and off-road expeditions, the real attraction at the site is a curious bridge that looms over the vegetation. This is Blackman’s Bridge, and it is over 330 years old! While its age is stunning, its construction is even more awe-invoking – in addition to its limestone boulders, the construction materials included egg whites and molasses!

Fustic House Estate

Since we’re feeling generous, we’ve decided to give you a bonus option! In addition to these public sites, we at Blue Sky Luxury also offer our appreciation of the island’s history within our holiday home repertoire! One of our historic gems is the lovely Fustic House, which dates back to 1740! This former plantation estate, which is pegged as the perfect union of luxury and antiquity, sits on a gorgeous 11-acre spread and features a lovely duck pond and its own forest that adds to its rustic, by-gone charm. Fustic House is perfect for family getaways, weddings or for those who simply enjoy staying at a luxury estate designed by Oliver Messel, yes, we’ve pulled out all of the stops!  Find out more about experiencing Fustic House here!


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