Historically, Barbados was known as a destination conducive to rest, relaxation and recuperation. With this health and wellness status heralded across the seas at the time, its most notable ‘patient’ was the brother of the very first president of the United States. Nowadays, the island’s therapeutic nature still emanates from its beaches, countryside and pervades the air, but several modern amenities have also cropped up and have now become staples of a relaxing, refreshing holiday.

At her best, Mother Nature’s soothing graces pacify the senses and lull the soul into a serene trance that is only experienced by indulging in Barbados. Choose any coast to start the therapy, which includes gazing across the tranquil, lapping waters off the west coast, or entertaining the calming effect of the crashing waves of the east coast. And, locals swear by the healing properties of the fresh sea breezes tinted with mists of sea spray – so don’t forget to take several deep breaths! But, it is not only the coasts that offer this therapy. The island is dotted with several gardens, parks and other nature reserves where all the daily burdens are stripped away. The panoramic vistas at the Farley Hill National Park are spellbinding; the descent into the heart of Welchman Hall Gully is relaxing; the curious ducks at Codrington College wade melodically on the calm waters; and the sights and colours on display at Hunte’s Garden are peaceful and comforting. Since these retreats are set amongst bay leaf and other trees, and accented with exotic flowers, aromatherapy takes over.

But, the modern health and wellness conveniences are just as charming, and complement Mother Nature exceptionally. With villas sitting on beautiful beaches beside breathtaking waters, resisting a tranquil day of sailing is impossible. There is really nothing like heading out on the yacht for the day in the quiet of the ocean with the family. You may stay aboard and indulge in fine food or a beautiful sunset, or let the warm waters caress you as you snorkel with the sea life. Back on land, there are several spas and wellness centres that are ready to tackle those pesky kinks and knots earned from your hectic lifestyle; but, if venturing outside is just too much, you can be pampered in the comfort of your villa. During your stay on the island with us, we bring the pampering and luxe treatment to you with in-villa spa days, where hot stone massages, full spa treatments and mani-pedis rank tops while you sip the day away. While here, you may also search your inner peace with a tranquil yoga session – or two. With our beautiful villas and their serene grounds and décor setting the tone, you will soon find yourself drifting away into a place of reflection and calm while you master your lotus and crane poses.