Photo compliments Fire Brick Oven


Slow food? Check. Vegan options? Check. Fresh fruit juices or water straight from the coconut? Check, check, check! Across the region, Barbados is known as the culinary capital of the Caribbean, and our little island brings exceptional treats and flavours to the global table. But, one would argue that the most scintillating food experience lies in the island’s authentic eats, and some of the most popular in recent times has been the rise in local food vans! So, prepare to nestle down on a park bench or enjoy the view from your rental as you tuck in to the tasty treats from some of our favourite food vans below!


Photo compliments Bar Cutters

B.A.R Cutters

Originally a rum shop that specialized in creating new spins on traditional Barbadian dishes, B.A.R Cutters is now a mobile unit that attracts the lunchtime crowd to its main Rockley Christ Church location. Featuring delectables such as fisham cakes (a delicious twist on local fishcakes) lamb burgers, steak fish cutters (Barbadian for steak fish sandwich!), loaded fries, cheesy pulled pork with their signature rum sauce is enough to whet the appetite!


A weekend staple located within the proximity of the island’s main university campus at Cave Hill, Eddies serves up a true slice of Barbadian barbecue mains with zero frills attached to its bursting flavours. This decades-old food truck is extremely popular with Barbadians as well as students of the university. This dinner option is best known for serving up possibly the largest – and tastiest – servings of barbecued ribs on the island. Diners may also opt for chicken or fish, and it all comes complete with fries.

Photo compliments Curbside Cafe


Curbside Café

If you are feeling a bit more adventurous, take the journey to finding this food truck at its Prior Park St. James location. Announced by many cars parked on an open lot beside a small roundabout servicing the neighbourhoods of Prior Park and Bagatelle, Curbside Café is a popular Friday and Saturday night lunch and dinner stop! Enjoy a surprisingly diverse menu featuring burritos, tacos, cheese steaks, homemade burgers, pulled pork sandwiches, Caesar salad wraps and ribs!


Photo compliments Fire Brick Oven


Fire Brick Oven

Not all food trucks are created equally! In addition to cutters, ribs and homemade burgers, Barbados is also home to one hell of a mobile pizzeria! Fire Brick Oven is located in the bustling town of Warrens, and serves up what they consider artisan pizzas every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 4PM in the afternoon. Their signature pizzas include the Salciccia Cielo (meaty heaven), Il Maiale (pork shoulder pizza), Pollo Pesto (chicken pesto) and Fruitti di Mare (seafood pizza). They also offer tasty pastas as well as side salads.

While these are some of our favourites, the island is filled with several roadside food vans and trucks that will cater to every taste and preference, so feel free to explore the Barbadian food truck treats!