Everyone knows that one of the best indicators of an enjoyable vacation is how good the food is. Whether it’s that amazing snapper that you had on last year’s family vacation or the Passionfruit granita during your birthday getaway, our palate often plays a crucial role (along with your waist line!!) in how memorable your holiday is. So with that being said, this entry is to assure you that if this is indeed true, your time in Barbados will be unforgettable. Our food offerings are as varied as they are exciting; be prepared to try dishes that you’ve never heard of and those which you can’t get enough of- with a little twist, of course.

The traditional foodie

To get the most obvious out of the way, Barbados is home to some of the most creative and delightful restaurants around. We’d recommend going to at least one of the seaside restaurants for a meal- the ones of the West Coast offer sublime views…the incredible west coast sunset and (if you are lucky) a glimpse of The Green Flash. Over a luncheon the unbeatable view of all the passing yachts will give you an idea of the endless possibilities of what you can do out on the water for a day. Our concierge would be more than happy to organise the reservations- we ALWAYS request the best tables in the house for our Blue Sky Luxury guests.

The chilled out eat at home foodie

As we’ve told you in previous blog posts, it is entirely possible to have a wonderful vacation without ever leaving your villa. Our dedicated staff will ensure that your every need is taken care of; your only job is to sit back and relax. Order your favourite food and beverages to the villa before your arrival with our grocery delivery service, so that the pantry is fully-stocked. If your property does not come with a cook on staff our concierge team can arrange daily service from one.  She can whip up meals for you and your guests so that you do not have to stress about what’s for breakfast, lunch, dinner and all the snack breaks in between. Basically you can eat whatever, whenever, the choice is yours. Recently, we even organised an in-villa cooking lesson with a local celebrity chef – honestly, nothing is too difficult.

The intrepid foodie

And if you’re less of a traditionalist, there are plenty of eateries off the beaten track where the fare is just as good. Check out Martin’s Bay for the best fish (sorry Oistins!) on island as well as Lemon Arbor on Saturday for flavourful local dishes and a great mix of locals and tourists. They may be a little far out but the food and experiences are worth the drive. And don’t forget, our concierge ladies can arrange to get you there and back- so there really is no need to worry! Farmers’ markets have begun to rear their heads around the island- and like everywhere else; the early bird catches the worm. Get there just after sunrise to see what it’s all about. We are especially in love with the Cliff Bakery van at the Hastings Farmers’ Market- their fresh French pastries will have you reminiscing about that wonderful time you had in Paris years ago.

And for another little insider tip, the Barbados Food and Rum Festival has become a bit of a staple on the Barbadian social calendar. Think international celebrity chefs, incredibly chic restaurants and events and the most exciting culinary delights. Escape the late November chill back home and come visit to see (and taste) these unforgettable shows for yourself.

Another great way to dine in Barbados is through re-Discover. The website re-Discover offers great saving and deals on many resturants on the island. It’s a great way to try many different cuisines at affordable prices!



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Having dedicated a post to the adventurous food-lovers amongst us, it seemed only right to give the venturesome nature and history buffs some ideas on what there is to see and do whilst here. And yes, there’s much more to do than just the beach!