Lovers of Barbados are used to its warming people, bedazzling waters and rolling greens. But, what they don’t usually talk about is the unbeaten path – one which usually leads to a revitalizing experience that is sure to become the new ritual of your Barbados holidays. So, if rejuvenation is at the top of your summer to-do list, we introduce to you Barbados’ healing and relaxing charm with our top three picks for a peaceful getaway.

Beach Therapy

Whether explored on-foot or admired at sunset from aboard a luxurious vessel, Barbados’ beaches have a healing, relaxing charm that is subtle yet alluring. The gorgeous and serene west and south coasts offer calm waters perfect for a therapeutic swim and are the dedicated route for a peaceful sail on any luxury catamaran of choice. And, the sandy coves also offer a well needed reprieve, complete with loungers, toes in the sand and spritely rum punches created to mellow the mood.

As the south coast becomes the east, the landscape becomes an oasis that Mother Nature seems to have meticulously designed with all five senses in mind. Deep breaths of refreshing sea breezes are accompanied by the low, soothing ‘om’ and beautiful panoramic spectacle of the rolling Atlantic. And, the coarse sands on this coast feel amazing underfoot, and the rustic hideaways and hang out spots found along the way are some of the best kept secrets on the island.

Leamington Pavilion, Barbados


Feed the Soul

What is more comforting than a sumptuous meal enjoyed in a tranquil setting? A sumptuous meal in a tranquil setting in Barbados! The island’s hypnotizing views sit but a glance away from the cozy perches of many local eateries, and they achieve something spectacular by marrying the senses of taste and sight to create a unique experience.

Whether enjoying the melodic sway of coconut trees in the distance or sitting under the beautiful night’s sky, breakfast, lunch and dinner are transformed into moments that must be had firsthand. The finest décor and cuisine await along the luxurious Platinum Coast; authentic Barbadian eats may be found on virtually every corner; and, beach bars offer yums on the shore. But, if you don’t want to be obliged to don a suit or dabble in the business of maquillage, let us arrange for a chef to recreate your favourite comforts at your holiday home!

Westhaven Villa, Barbados


Personal Pampering

The best part of it all is that the journey to finding rest and relaxation starts even before you take a step out of your holiday home! To take your relaxing holiday to the next level, add a hint of an essential oil to the fresh sea breezes and accept a helping – and healing – hand! Transform your holiday home into a personal spa, where your body will be relieved of the daily stresses by a skillful – and very much certified – masseuse. But if you need something more after the aromatic massages and hot-stone therapies, opt for some inner peace and indulge in a private yoga experience! Enjoy sessions poolside with the family, or have a solo session within the luxurious gardens and tranquil ambiance of your home away from home.

So, whatever your preference, our concierge can team is ready to help you create a new tradition with a relaxing summer vacation to the island. Take a browse through our Relaxed Luxury homes here, and reach out to us so we may help you to create the perfect Barbados getaway!