Lobster at Daphnes

Photo via Daphnes

The story of beachside fine dining is best told on Barbados flamboyant west coast. Its amazing culinary offering, plus the unique but lavish presentations have defined it as a place where every palate finds its food soulmate.

Coincidentally – but not surprisingly – some of the more popular eateries bear names that lead your mind on a journey to the shores of the flawless coast. One of the most famous on this coast, heading closer to the north, is The Lone Star Restaurant, which shares the same qualities of its famous diners who visit from across the globe. Its cozy but captivating décor complements the European and Caribbean dishes served up on the beachfront spot, and Sunday lunch is not to be missed! But closer to the heart of Holetown, The Beach House Bar and Restaurant sits beside the boardwalk and gives a panoramic view of the horizon while catering their perfected Caribbean-Mediterranean fusions. On the same property – and sharing the same magnificent skyline – is Drift Ocean Terrace Lounge. Its ocean-inspired décor feeds the eyes as drinks and nibbles flow, creating an atmosphere that entices romantics and closely-knit groups of friends. A bit further down the boardwalk, a chorus of “yums” emits from the newly renovated Tides Restaurant, an upscale fine dining experience where Lionfish, Home Cured Salmon or succulent Angus Aged Beef will grace your taste buds. Southward from the boardwalk, Daphnes extends a ‘benvenuti’ to all, ushering them into an oasis of Italian classics with a distinctly Caribbean twist and warming Barbadian hospitality. Just a few hundred metres away The Cliff announces itself. Considered the pinnacle of fine dining restaurants on the island, the Cliff exceeds all expectations with its dream-like atmosphere overlooking the radiant waters, as well as a menu of the highest quality food and wine curated from across the globe. And, a recent addition to its repertoire is its sister restaurant The Cliff Beach Club – located next door with its own jetty to complete its chic laidback experience. One of the last most notable gems on the coastal front is Cin Cin by the Sea – an immaculately presented restaurant with timeless décor infused with chicness. The food here is top notch,
effortlessly epitomizes the restaurant’s name. But, away from the coast and more inland bound, Lancaster Great House creates an exquisite – but homely – atmosphere for its signature Sunday lunch or the exclusive 5-course dinner party hosted by the owner himself and restricted to 20 diners at any one sitting.

Cin Cin

Photo via Cin Cin