Our island is home to the second largest nesting population of Hawksbill turtles in the Western hemisphere. Many of our beachfront villas sit along shoreline where Hawksbill and Green Turtles come to lay their eggs annually, and hundreds of tiny hatchlings emerge from nests to make their way back to the sea.  If you are lucky enough to observe either of these events you are bound to fall in love with these beautiful creatures.

With close to 100 beachfront holiday homes in our portfolio, and many located in key nesting areas, we decided to approach The Barbados Sea Turtle Project (BSTP) to see how we can help them protect these beautiful animals.  The BSTP is a local organization which has been involved in conservation of the marine turtle species for over 25 years. We are excited to partner with them on a number of initiatives including educating our guests and villa staff on how they can also play a part in the memorable experience of helping turtles.

The primary turtle nesting season runs from May through October but nests have been recorded in each month of the year.  We are excited to have our guests help us protect these magical creatures. During this special time of year, you may observe a nesting female or hatchlings emerging while you are on one of our beaches and we encourage you to report any turtle activity immediately to the BSTP.

If the hatchlings are going in the wrong direction OR If they emerge during the daytime here is some advice from the BSTP:

  1. Call the 24-Hour Turtle Hotline at (246) 230-0142
  2. Place 1 inch of sand in the bottom of a bucket or container and collect the hatchlings
  3. The hatchlings should never be placed in water
  4. Cover the bucket with a slightly damp towel
  5. Place the bucket in a safe shady quiet place with NO AIR CONDITIONING
  6. Do not disturb the hatchlings, they should not be touched or held unnecessarily
  7. If the hatchlings stop moving it is ok, they are going to sleep 🙂
  8. The BSTP volunteers will assist with the safe release of these hatchlings

It is also possible to participate in a public hatchling release while you are on the island during this special time of year.  Our Concierge team is kept abreast of hatchling releases by the BSTP and we would love to let you know where and when you can experience this during your stay.

SO be sure to let us know if you love turtles too.

Look out for more information on the BSTP and sea turtles in our future blogs.

For further information please visit: www.barbadosseaturtles.org

Barbados Sea Turtle Project Hotline: 00 1 (246) 230-0142