There are countless reasons to choose a Barbados holiday this April. This year, Easter holidays to Barbados are a steal, giving holidaymakers the unique opportunity to experience high-season Barbados at low-season prices – including wonderful deals on some of the island’s most beautiful holiday homes! And, if that isn’t enough, the island will be abuzz with several activities and events – namely those around Easter – that are sure to interrupt those leisurely days at the beach!


Easter in Barbados

As soon as spring comes full bloom, Barbadians of all ages and walks of life eagerly look forward to Easter. For us, it is the biggest religious holiday after Christmas, but for you, it is the perfect time to experience our local Easter traditions! Within various communities and schools across the island, you’ll be sure to see tots in colourful bonnets and costumes at their Easter bonnet parades, as well as baby chicks dyed vibrant hues on display to mark the season. On Easter Sunday, for those who acknowledge the holiday in its religious sense, you are more than welcome to join any Easter mass at the hundreds of churches across the island! And, rest assured that you’ll finally have a chance to get the yearly treat of hot cross buns!

Kite Flying

Each Easter, hundreds of kites take to the skies over Barbados, creating a truly mesmerizing spectacle. This tradition of kite flying was historically concentrated around the historic Garrison Savannah, but now can be found across the island’s pastures, parks and any other open space where the activity is permitted. While kite flying represents a child’s delight, many older Barbadians take it a step further, pitting their creations against others’ for nods in various categories. But, if you are lucky, you will have the unique chance to witness the amazing hoisting of a 25-foot plus kite – a growing tradition during the season and a tall job for at least eight men! While local purists to the art form of kite-making still collect coconut leaves and other home-sourced materials to craft their kites, ready-made versions may be found along the highways and byways of the island adorning temporary outlets that lure the young and young-at-heart.

Oistins Fish Festival

The biggest event on the island during the Easter weekend is the Oistins Fish Festival, which takes place this year from April 15 through 17. Hosted in the heart of the island’s most celebrated fishing village, the festival pays homage to the island’s fisher folk and their seafaring lifestyle, and features several events that attract the attention of locals and visitors of all ages. Besides its energetic mood, busy streets, grooving music and sumptuous treats, the festival’s main attractions are the fish-boning competition, the boat races and of course the ever-popular climbing of the greasy pole. It is the perfect outing for the whole family!

Reggae Festival

After these Easter celebrations, the show must go on, and the calendar shows that April doesn’t slow down until the very last day! On April 23, 28, 29 and 30, Barbados pays tribute to one of the most celebrated genres of music enjoyed by locals – reggae! This year, the main events of the annual Barbados Reggae festival take place over the last weekend of the month, and feature the best of local and regional reggae artistes at various venues across the island.

There’s always the beach and the relaxation

But if for some reason you haven’t checked all the boxes for your perfect getaway, rest assured that this is just the tip of the destination Barbados iceberg! The island stirs with endless possibilities to make your April stay the perfect spring getaway. Relax beachside along the island’s calming west coast, take up surfing or tee off on beautiful rolling greens. Have a lively night out with friends at bars or treat the family to dinner at world-class restaurants. Or, spoil yourself and have it all brought to the door of your beautiful holiday home. Whatever you desire, we’ll make it happen this April!


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