Ah, vacation time. As soon as those dates are booked, the whole family gets excited. Parents want to unwind, kids want to make sandcastle magic, and grandparents are thinking up ways to spoil everyone even more than usual. And then the planning begins… ‘What destinations do we consider? Where should we stay?’ But the real question in the back of our minds is ‘How do we possibly make everyone happy?’

Good news, we’ve got you covered. At Blue Sky Luxury, our guests enjoy all the amenities that their hearts desire within the comfort of a luxurious private villa. Below are five more reasons to consider renting a Blue Sky Luxury villa this summer for your upcoming family vacation:

1.    Get That Much-Needed Together Time: Life gets busy, so on vacation time, we know that every minute with your family counts. It’s all about those laugh-out-loud moments by the pool, making pancakes in the morning with the kids, or unwinding together on the couch after a day at the beach. Whatever family time you crave, spread out in a Blue Sky Luxury villa with the people that you love.

2.    Put the Chef to the Test: Mmmm, what would grandma say about baking that no-one-knows-but-everyone-loves family recipe? When you stay in a Blue Sky Luxury villa, the kitchen is all yours. And in case you don’t feel like cooking at all, a private chef can create exactly what you’re craving— favorite dishes, family recipes, customized treats, all with dietary or allergy restrictions in mind.

3.    Mix a Tasty Cocktail, at Cost: Guess what? We’ve added you to our VIP list. This means no lines at the bar, and drinks are at cost. When you rent a Blue Sky Luxury villa, you decide what the cocktail menu looks like, what wines are stocked and especially when the bar closes.

4.    Claim The Pool as Yours: Your holiday, your space, your schedule. We know, it sounds a little self-indulgent. But let’s be honest, that’s the point. Plus, you’ll love it when the pool chairs are waiting for you, and you didn’t have to wake up at 7am to snag the best spot.

5.    Make Your Vacation Memorable in Every Way: The moment vacation begins, it’s time to sink into that no-worry island-time feeling. That’s why our concierge team goes out of their way to handle all the details. We’ll arrange airport pick-ups, babysitting, private catamaran cruises or anything you need.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It – Hear from Our Guests
“It has been such a treat to be served delicious breakfast by the always smiling butler, Edward. Nothing has ever been too much; tea in the afternoon, gin and tonics, and wine in the sunshine. We have been well and nicely spoilt. We can’t thank you all enough. You make Leamington Pavilion even more special. We will never forget our week here.” –  Blue Sky Luxury villa guest.
If this sounds like the family vacation you’re looking for, browse our extensive list of Barbados villas to rent. Our summer rates will further convince you that renting a Blue Sky Luxury villa in Barbados is the way to go.