We are celebrating here at Blue Sky Luxury following the UK budget.

It might sound odd but after five years of supporting the Caribbean and travel industry’s struggle to have the UK Government reform its Air Passenger Duty (APD) tax bands, at long last there is a measure of success.

British Chancellor George Osborne has announced a reform to the UK’s current four-band system for APD to a two-band system. Under the new system all long-haul flights (over 4,000 miles) will be moved into band B, which means UK customers travelling to the Caribbean from the UK will pay the same tax as if they were travelling to the United States. A much needed reduction from the previous banding!

Travellers will save from £14 per person on the new APD band rate, while those flying in Premium Economy, Business Class or First Class will save twice as much. That’s between £56 and £122 for a family of four. The change is expected to take place April 1, 2015, so we are starting our celebrations early as it is the Chancellor’s rational behind the reform plus a lower cost of flying which makes it more affordable for UK families to travel to us! This will then make our luxurious villa holidays even more attainable for our beloved UK guests.

Anything that makes the very special experience of a family holiday in the Caribbean even more attractive is worth celebrating!!

Speaking of family holiday celebrations … Barbados is waiting to give your family an unforgettable holiday experience! Have a look in our ‘Best For’ section to identify the villas most suitable for your family during the school summer holidays. Remember the summer season is off-peak in the Caribbean so you don’t need to take your children out of school to take advantage of some very special prices on truly luxurious villa holidays.

Have a full family reunion at one of our larger properties like Greensleeves, Crystal Springs or Fustic House. Cherish sweet moments with three generations at Harmony House, or Palm Beach 110. Or simply just whisk the kids away from the British weather to enjoy some fresh sea breeze at villas like Bora Bora Lower, Sapphire Beach 112.

Remember, you can earn Virgin Atlantic Flying Club miles when you book with us.