Lucky!A New York couple who thought the husband’s treasured wedding ring had been lost forever was surprised to receive a phone call from their holiday home rental agent, Bajan Services, more than a week after their departure, sharing the miraculous news that the ring had been recovered from its watery grave!

Dr. Anthony DeSena and his wife Bridget from New York were vacationing with their friends at Colina Del Mar in Barbados to celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary. They were enjoying a relaxing morning snorkeling the reef just beyond the Villa when the ring slipped from Anthony’s finger into the depths of the Caribbean sea. Bridget was distraught and thought it to be a bad omen on their tenth anniversary but Anthony took a pragmatic approach and they (and their friends) religiously donned their snorkels and continued to look for the ring every day of their remaining holiday.

After a fruitless three day hunt, Anthony’s friend Steven invited any future guests reading his entry in the Guest Book at Colina del Mar to partake in ‘a treasure hunt for the 10,000 dollars worth of buried treasure (they had) left behind’ and wished treasure seekers ‘good luck’!

Soon after, Tropical Storm Isaac paid Barbados a fleeting visit, dumping heavy rains on the Island and whipping up the West Coast shorelines with high waves and huge shifts of the beach sands. All chances of recovering the ring were long forgotten.

Exactly ten days to the date of their departure, a little boy called Tyler, along with his brother Ryan, aunt Joanne and uncle Tom, checked into Colina Del Mar and embarked on their own snorkeling adventures. Shortly after, Tyler returned to the shore with his new findings from the reef.

Super excited and anxious to produce his treasure, he quickly pulled out a piece of blue sea glass and shared his find with his aunt, uncleTyler with his treasure and sibling…and then, almost as an afterthought, with the immortal words ‘Oh, I also found this” he produced a shiny wedding band that he quickly dismissed to focus on his “real treasure”!!!!

After sharing the news of his bounty with the House Staff, the connection was quickly made and Nicole Tempro, Bajan Services Guest Relations Representative was alerted. She made the call to the New York couple who was both overjoyed and shocked at the news that the ring had been found! Nicole made arrangements to reunite Anthony with his treasured wedding band but not before Bajan Services decided to record the moment by taking a photo of it resting on the pages of the dictionary alongside the word lucky!

The image was sent to the DeSena’s and is now Anthony’s wallpaper on his Computer in New York where he shares the story of luck, serendipity and true Bajan hospitality and professionalism with all his patients. Anthony’s own words are perhaps the best ending to this uplifting tale…


I just wanted to take a minute to extend my extreme gratitude to you and the staff at Bajan Services in dealing with the issue of my lost wedding ring. It is still amazing to me that this all worked out the way it did, and I owe all to a little guy named Tyler. Sometimes in life you just get lucky, and that is certainly the case here, but I wanted to let you guys know that my wife and I really do appreciate the professionalism and effort that you have put into this. Thank you again!