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The weather in Barbados is hot and humid. While this makes for a great holiday home location, it also means that your air condition systems have to work really hard to ensure the air inside your home is cooler than the air outside.

Our Barbados climate can cause unique challenges for the electrical and mechanical appliances on our properties. The extreme heat we experience here can put a lot of stress on your AC unit and the moisture in our air often creates rusting issues that can lessen the life of your AC unit.

All these challenges can be easily avoided with a bit of TLC and of course, regular maintenance to prevent serious problems.

Jonathon Gonsalves, Managing Director of Coast-to-Coast Cooling notes the simple and basic procedures that are carried out during a routine service to ensure that an air conditioning unit is efficient and effective –

As property managers, we see all kinds of avoidable issues with our AC units such as garden debris, bird nests, and insect infestation. These problems can end up being costly and incredibly inconvenient – not to mention – HOT.

For those with rental properties, it is crucial to have your air conditioners serviced routinely. We suggest at a minimum every three (3) months.

Unfortunately, doors get left open with the AC on at full blast when guests are enjoying themselves and don’t think about the consequences of such a seemingly innocent mistake. This ends up causing sweating, condensation issues and generally overworking the unit.

A regular AC service from your provider significantly improves your power efficiency and the air quality drawn into your home. It also reduces the likelihood of failure of the equipment and its parts.

It makes sense to have your unit services routinely to avoid clogged filters, clogged drains, unpleasant smells, mold growth, reduced air movement and flow, icing of coils, and clogged coils which may lead to overheating and compressor failure.

As Jonathon noted, with COVID affecting us worldwide, it is that much more important that we avoid stagnant air wherever we are.

A Look at Why AC Maintenance is Important:


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