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Barbados is a beautiful Caribbean island with stunning beaches, crystal clear water, and vibrant nightlife. The South Coast of the island is known for its laid-back atmosphere, perfect for those looking for a more relaxed vacation. As locals, we have explored the South Coast extensively and compiled a list of must-visit spots for anyone planning a trip to Barbados.


The South Coast is home to some of Barbados’ best beaches. Dover Beach, located in the heart of St. Lawrence Gap, is a popular spot for swimmers and sunbathers. Its clear, turquoise waters and soft, white sand make it a perfect spot for relaxation.

Looking for something more secluded, Miami Beach is a great option. Located in Oistins, this beach is perfect for those looking for a quieter spot. It is great for snorkeling and exploring the underwater world.

Another great beach to visit is Accra Beach, also known as Rockley Beach. This popular spot located in Christ Church, lined with palm trees, offers a wide range of activities, including swimming, sunbathing, and water sports. 

Local Cuisine

No trip to the South Coast is complete without sampling some of the local cuisines. We recommend trying a traditional Bajan dish like Flying Fsh and Cou Cou, or Macaroni Pie. For a sweet treat, try the famous rum cake or coconut bread. Many restaurants in the area serve these dishes, so you’re sure to find something delicious to try.

When it comes to dining on the South Coast of Barbados, there are plenty of options to choose from. Here are a few of our top picks:


The South Coast is home to some of the best nightlife on the island. St. Lawrence Gap is a popular spot for both locals and tourists. It’s filled with restaurants, bars, and nightclubs, making it a great place to party the night away. The vibe is lively and fun, and there’s always something going on.

Try heading to Oistins Fish Fry. This weekly event occurs on Friday nights and is a great place to sample local foods, enjoy live music, and experience local culture.


If you’re looking for a fun outdoor activity, we recommend checking out the Barbados Boardwalk. This scenic walkway spans 1.2 miles along the South Coast and offers stunning ocean views. It’s a great way to exercise while enjoying the beautiful scenery. Along the way, you’ll also find many restaurants and bars where you can stop for a bite or a refreshing drink.

Another great activity is exploring the Historic Garrison area. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to historic buildings and museums, including the Barbados Museum and George Washington House. It’s a great way to learn about the island’s rich history and culture.

For those who love water sports, the South Coast is a great place to visit for surfing or paddleboarding. Surfers Point is a popular spot for surfing, while the calm waters of Carlisle Bay are perfect for paddleboarding. Both activities offer a great way to enjoy the beautiful waters of Barbados while getting some exercise.

And for those looking for a more relaxing activity, we recommend visiting some of the many spas available. With several treatments, from massages to facials to body wraps, you are sure to find something that will leave you feeling pampered and refreshed.


The South Coast of Barbados is a must-visit destination for anyone planning a trip to the island. With its beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife, and endless activities, there is something for everyone.


Photo Credit: Primo Bar & Bistro

Amidst the tumultuous year that was 2020, PRIMO BAR & BISTRO reopened on July 1st, 2020 under new ownership with a fresh vibe and a dedicated team. Set in an iconic location on the ocean’s edge in the calm bay of St. Lawrence Gap, this location has been featured in more magazines and tourist travel logs than anyone can count. The combination of serene sea views, delicious and affordable menu, and friendly staff make this new restaurant ideal for casual dining or tapas & cocktails.

Well-known local entrepreneurs and partners in the business, Mark Maloney and Zary Evelyn, have invested heavily in the restaurant and welcomed back Head Chef Jason Gittens as well as a number of the previous staff to ensure a friendly, welcoming environment.


Photo Credit: Primo Bar & Bistro

The picturesque location offers a little something for everyone, from the lounge overlooking the boardwalk and all the action in The Gap, to the ground and top floor oceanfront dining balconies and an air-conditioned dining room. The eclectic menu has a subtle West Indian influence and includes an extensive variety of fresh seafood, meat and pasta dishes that accentuate freshness and flavor and there are a wide range of vegan and gluten-free options as well. Primo’s boardwalk lounge features the most delectable thin-crust pizzas, perfect while enjoying a cocktail by the sea. The menu has been priced to encourage locals and visitors alike to enjoy this stunning location at affordable prices with starters from Bds$18, mains from Bds$40 and pizzas from Bds$35 to $49 each, and there is also a kids menu. Parking is located across the street and the $5 parking charge is redeemable in the restaurant.

If you pair a stay at a Blue Sky Luxury villa, choose Sapphire Beach, Ocean One 502 or Terraces 101 with a visit to Primo Bar and Restaurant, you’ll be walking distance away from the restaurant and all the offerings of The Gap. If you’re on the island our Concierge Can team can arrange dinner reservations. If you’re planning on visiting…maybe for Summer 2021, make sure Primo is on your Barbados Restaurant Bucket list. Enjoy!


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Cteam of Holiday Home Experts promises you on your Barbados vacation. The island, which is the most easterly of the iconic Caribbean chain, is best known for its beautiful beaches, wonderful weather, and warm, pleasant people. But a new allure has been awakened thanks to luxurious villas, chic apartments and plush condos – all of which set the scene for a holiday that marries a feeling of home with a bold island lifestyle.

A stay in the northern tip of the island introduces subtle hints of Barbados past, with historic relics in the form of natural and cultural attractions. Also here are wonderful depictions of a more grandiose era of island architect in the form of breathtaking villas that await to play home to you and your loved ones, or please as the idyllic backdrop for your big day. Or, journey west to the platinum and star-studded coast and dive into the lap of island luxury. Golf, polo, serene, powdery beaches and high fashion shopping experiences dominate this landscape, as well as well-appointed, elegant villas that offer their own unique takes on the ‘Holiday Home’.

The southern and eastern coast of Barbados also tells their own unique stories, which are punctuated with varying seascapes, and several calling for adrenaline seekers. Moreover, the two coasts connect and offer a medley of fine dining experiences that create a foodie’s paradise. The villas and condos along the south coast are in perfect proximity to two of the main nighttime hotspots on the island, and the eastern accommodations create nestling havens for the sun and surf-worshippers.

But perhaps your aim is to visit that one personal – and very special – reason. No matter what that may be, we have you covered! Would you prefer to enjoy full pampering services in the privacy of your holiday home or say ‘I do’ on the island’s sand? Or maybe your sporty nature needs to be satisfied, or possibly a history lesson on the island would do the trick. Perhaps this exploration of the island’s culture and history will lead you on a journey of discovering flavors and delicacies that have afforded Barbados star status within the culinary fraternity in the Caribbean.

Whatever your preference, let the Blue Sky Luxury team create the holiday experience you have been longing for, catering to all of your private villa and lifestyle needs. Request a personal chef, or have a yoga session poolside in the comfort of your holiday home. Or, venture out on the most luxurious vessels to grace the blue, glittering waters of the island’s alluring west coast. Whatever your desire, we have a team with the knowledge and experience to tailor your vacation for you from start to finish. We welcome you to explore Barbados, and hope that you will fully enjoy the tease of our beautiful homes and countless activities the island has in store. We are sure that the only thing that will matter is living out your Barbados daydream and experiencing your best holiday yet!


Nelson Gay: Be seduced by a unique charm at the beautiful beachfront villa


Kiko: Choose wellness – gym, spa, sauna & bar


Royal Westmoreland-Seaduced: Somewhere, you have a bikini in this exact shade of blue


Royal Westmoreland-Sugar Cane Mews 4: Indulge in a chef prepared breakfast in bed


Glitter Bay Estate 310-Coral Isle: Salt life by day, pool vibes by night


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Travel trends have changed worldwide, and Barbados has seen a shift to mid-term rentals. Our guests are staying longer and to be honest, they are truly loving it here. A mid-term rental is determined as a period of 2-5 months, while a long-term rental is 6 months or more. That’s a longer stay to enjoy everything that Barbados has to offer. For the month of January, we’ve compiled a list of the Top 5 Barbados mid-term rentals that are the most viewed. What do they have in common? Pools, views and amazing décor. We hope you enjoy; our Barbados vacation rentals will definitely make you want to stay longer.


Royal Westmoreland – High Spirits
4 Bed | 4.5 Bath | Swimming Pool

• Breathtaking views across the Robert Trent Jones Jr. design golf course
• Family friendly – televisions, including a 3D TV and Xbox system
• Onsite tennis courts, fitness centre, spa, clubhouse with resort pool varied dining options.

Marsh Mellow
4 Bed | 4.5 Bath | Swimming Pool

• Custom designed villa on a ridge with panoramic sea and island views
• Master bedroom features a terrace with direct access to the pool deck
• Short drive to the beach and the popular Sea Shed beachfront eatery

Martello House
8 Bed | 8 Bath | Swimming Pool

• Villa overlooks the rolling fairways of Barbados’ Royal Westmoreland Golf Course
• Luxuriously furnished with unique statement pieces, marble floors and state of the art lighting
• Gym, games room, snooker room with kitchenette and a surround sound media room

Tom Tom
5 Bed | 5.5 Bath | Swimming Pool
• Luxury vacation rental located in Westmoreland St. James overlooking stunning West Coast views
• Harper Downie design with beautiful custom-made furniture imported directly from Indonesia and Bali
• Special features include outdoor tubs in a tropical courtyard and 2 new treehouse gazebos

Emily House
7 Bed | 5.5 Bath | Swimming Pool
• Beachfront villa overlooks the Atlantic Ocean on the Southern tip of Barbados
• Features an open plan deck with an 8 seater dining table and oversized sun loungers
• Proximity to many of the well known local surfing spots, Miami Beach and fishing town of Oistins


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The Blue Standard has become the criteria that we use to look after homes in the property management portfolio at Blue Sky Luxury. This encompasses:


We have found that using these methods guarantees that all properties under our care are maintained to the highest standard. Putting the proper preventative maintenance processes, systems and checks in place will ensure that the property is well maintained and always ready and welcoming for any arrival.

  1. Upon appointment for management, your Blue Sky Luxury property manager will assess the service requirements of all systems, appliances and equipment at the property. This includes frequency (weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually).
  2. Quotations are requested from select suppliers and site visits to the property will be facilitated by the property manager who will also answer any queries.
  3. Due to the size and scale of the properties being managed by Blue Sky Luxury as a whole, quotations will be sourced for contracted services at the best possible price, quality and reliability.
  4. Maintenance contracts and service level agreements will be determined. Once appointed, the oversight of these suppliers will be the responsibility of Blue Sky Luxury to ensure timely and complete delivery.


Blue Sky Luxury is heavily invested in technology and the property management department has directly benefitted from this,  we use specialized property management software. All preventative maintenance schedules, routine inspections, work orders and service requests are logged to track and record the resolution of maintenance issues from submission, assignment, monitoring and through to completion (with time-stamped digital photos if needed).  The software also has a mobile app for both iPhone and Android devices making it easy for the property managers to submit these work orders. Each individual home under our management (whether rented or strictly for owner use) is added to the software.


Why is preventative maintenance so important?

The investment of having a home in Barbados for owners is significant. Blue Sky Luxury, along with the reputable suppliers, have a responsibility to advise and guide owners on the best systems to put in place to improve and prolong the life of the appliances and equipment at the home.  Having these systems will improve the performance of the equipment as well as the health and safety of the home in general.

Forecasting and budgeting expenses is made easier with proper, consistent, proactive programs in place. Thorough records including a full asset register for all equipment and appliances using photos, purchase dates, supplier and warranties are also kept. A periodic review of these preventative maintenance programs is also needed to ensure price competitiveness and updated practices are introduced.  For these reasons, but not limited to this, the transparency of contractor pricing is so important here; Blue Sky Luxury will ensure that the contractor is paid what they charge you; there is no mark-up applied to the bill by our firm.  This is validated further by ensuring that all owners have access to every one of their invoices including those for maintenance when monthly financial statements are made accessible to them.


What are some examples of equipment and services that should be included in your preventative maintenance plan for your home?

The type of equipment, location (consider the exposure to various environmental elements), the age of the equipment and how often it is used are all taken into account when developing these programs. For example, for a holiday rental home that is occupied 250 nights a year, the recommended air-conditioning servicing may be quarterly for various split system units. However, an owner use home (non-rental) that is occupied 90 days a year may have a servicing schedule of twice per year. Similarly, grease traps should be cleaned at least once per year however depending on occupancy, this can increase to two or three times per year. Other services and equipment to consider developing a preventative maintenance plan for are:


Contact us today for more information on what we can do to partner with you to ensure your property is looked after the way you want it to be.

(246) 622-4466

We love the South Coast vibe. It’s laid back, plenty of drinking, dining and drinking options. No that was not a typo. If you’re a foodie at heart, this list is for you. Without further ado… drumroll… Here are the Top 5 Barbados Restaurants on the South Coast of Barbados, and yes, they are all open with full COVID 19 protocols in place. With protocols constantly changing, it’s better to check with the restaurant when booking. Bon appétit!

Barbados’ Top 5 South Coast Restaurants

  1. Buzo Osteria Italiana
  2. Salt Café
  3. Blakey’s on the Boardwalk
  4. Café Sol
  5. Champers


Buzo Osteria Italiana

Food, love, passion

You must check out this amazing Italian Restaurant on Hastings Main Road. A friend once recommended that I try the “Bistecca Ai Ferri” I did, and I’ve never been the same. It was excellent! but sadly, my Italian, not as good. Just ask for the Ribeye steak, red wine and red onion compote…it’s lit! no literally, they light it.


Salt Café

Hand-crafted comfort food

Ok, we all love poke (or do we?) Let’s ignore the naysayers for now. Salt is more than just poke. From truffle friesbaos and “banging salads” to crispy pig ears, the international flair of this cosy little restaurant on Hastings Main road will leave your taste buds clamoring for more. I highly recommend the poke… or did I say that already?


Blakey’s on the boardwalk

Good food, good lime, good music

Did someone say live entertainment, local delicacies, and drink specials? Honestly, I may just pop on over myself! Enjoy the cooling breeze at Blakey’s while local acts Jae Johansen, JJ & Chadd and many more serenade you. Have lunch, then take a stroll on the boardwalk after to walk off their delicious local pudding & souse and superlative drink mixes.


Café Sol

Authentic Mexican restaurant

Mentioned in our handy “Barbados Guide and Must-Try List” Café Sol is a Mexican restaurant at the entrance of the ever-famous St. Lawrence Gap. Taste the flavour of warm taquitoscheesy quesadillas, and a delightful array of mouthwatering margaritas. We would be amiss if we didn’t tell you to take a stroll through The Gap to check out the nightlife and to get a nightcap. (yes, that was intentional)



Leading South Coast restaurant

We head down the South Coast to Champers for a delightful seaside dining experience. Located in Rockley, Christ Church, Champers is undoubtedly one of the leading restaurants on the South Coast. What makes it unique is the vibrant art gallery where you can acquire a local piece after you try the highly recommended Herb Crusted Rack of lamb from our Concierge Manager Shernelle. That’s her favourite anniversary dish!

Look out for our Top 5 West Coast Restaurants coming soon!


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The holiday rental market has grown considerably worldwide over the last five years. In Barbados the market for short term rentals has also become more competitive. Whether luxury or budget, there is a demand for well-priced and good value for money accommodation at all levels.

On a property management level, this means that efficiently maintaining the property and managing running costs is essential. This allows the owners to be flexible with their rates in order to remain competitive, while still achieving a good net yield from their rental revenue. Traditionally, vacation rentals in Barbados are staffed and this cost can account for a large portion of the running costs to an owner. With the evolution of the rental market and many new guests trying vacation rentals, there is a need to manage this balancing act of providing what the guest requires while doing so efficiently. The key to this is ensuring that we have excellent knowledge on what guests are looking for with regards to staffing.


For smaller apartments not in the luxury segment, many guests often find the traditional staffing levels intrusive. They expect the unit to be thoroughly cleaned before their arrival, but do not want or expect staff to come to the property during their stay as is often the norm in other markets. As a result, it is recommended that owners reduce the frequency of staffing at these smaller properties. Blue Sky Luxury (BSL) provides temporary staffing for housekeeping service once or twice a week from our Smart Staffing pool. This way we can provide the staff that is required by the guests and the owner can access staff on an as-needed basis. For longer stays, it is recommended that housekeeping cleans the unit at least once per week. This allows the housekeeper to keep an eye on the property and report any issues which should be drawn to the owner’s attention.

Luxury Apartments

For luxury apartments, a housekeeper is provided for a minimum of three days per week of stay. These properties tend to be larger than their non-luxury counterparts. Guests may also require additional services such as those of a cook, chef or butler, and these can be provided as an additional service. BSL maintains a full roster of trained temporary staff for accommodating guests’ needs and are thus able to provide them in a seamless manner as needed. This enables owners to provide expected levels of service while not having the overhead associated and the owners are not burdened with retaining permanent staff.


Villas form the core of the holiday rental market in Barbados and possibly have the greatest expectation of staffing levels, but even here the influx of new guests has challenged these expectations. Many villa owners are weighing the benefits of eliminating or reducing the number of permanent staff at their properties to suit the changing needs of these new guests who desire more privacy and less frequent service. During the winter months (between 15th December to 15th April) however, rates tend to be approximately 50% or more higher than the summer months and owners tend to provide staffing as part of their rate. The reason for this is supply and demand as we have many more guests wanting to escape the cold, winter months. With the additional revenue achieved during the winter months, owners choose to offer staffing as part of their rate. From the guests’ point of view, paying higher rates not only allows them to have a regular housekeeper but they also enjoy the benefits of a cook or chef to cater their meals.

Luxury Properties & Estates

Guests staying at our larger luxury properties and estates continue to expect exceptional, full service as delivered in other luxury hospitality outlets throughout the world. It is not just about the physical accommodation, it is about service and experience provided. Many of these guests tend to come year after year and build relationships with the staff, who often become like an extended family. Most of these properties will have permanent housekeepers and gardeners. If required, BSL can cater to the elevated requests of the guest in-house, be it temporary butlers, chefs, or other specialised staff. The staff is drawn from a pool of experienced, well-trained professionals and are comprehensively vetted by BSL. This saves the owner on staffing costs, but still provides confidence in the level of service.

Property management dictates that we keep our finger on the pulse of market trends and listen carefully to what our guests require across all property levels we manage. This allows us to review costs, so that we can advise our owners on how to maximise the revenue received from their rentals. We are innovative in finding solutions to ensure that guests have the experience they are looking for, while at the same time providing staffing solutions that are economical for our owners. At BSL we are building on our core group of temporary staff, implementing annual training and working towards rolling out new temporary staffing software which will improve our ability to match our owners’ staffing needs with guests’ requirements. The short-term rental market is one of the fastest growing sectors in the holiday accommodation, we are committed to following trends, and evolving in order to be successful.

Table 1 provides a sample of staffing required for short term rentals.

Because we could all use a glass of Barbados’ finest right about now and we’re committed to bringing you a taste of Barbados. Sharing with you our famous rum punch recipe to try out no matter where you are.


Do you have the travel bug in 2020?

Barbados has been named as one of the 50 best places to visit this year by Travel + Leisure. The magazine reports that in putting this list of destinations together they “hit the books, scouring tourism statistics, scoping out major events, charting new flight routes, and logging hotel debuts.” Getting further insight from their A-List travel advisors, trusted writers, hospitality insiders, and other industry pros, Travel + Leisure was able to secure the scoop on the best vacation spots for 2020. They’ve got their sights set on Barbados and so should you – add a Barbados holiday to your travel plans for 2020!

Make your travel experience even better by booking with us! Our Concierge Can team can provide you with all the tools you need to create lasting memories. Also, be sure to check out our Specials page for fantastic offers.

View all of our holiday homes here!


Getting Here

Barbados is very easily reachable from most countries in the world. The Grantley Adams International Airport offers direct links to a variety of markets, and several major hub destinations. The frequency of international flights ensures that you can  travel with ease. Popular airlines like Jet Blue with the addition of their premium flight option complements British carriers. The recent addition of a direct flight from Panama to Barbados was a historic partnership for the island. The island also features many additional seasonal routes to the UK and Europe during the peak season.

Choice of Accommodation

The range of accommodation on offer in Barbados has something for everyone. From luxury hotels to the more budget conscious offerings with value as a priority, travellers can choose their ideal holiday experience. A growing number of hotels are offering all-inclusive options with the completion of planned branded hotels, the options in this segment would be further enhanced. Complementing this range of hotels is a diverse range of vacation rental properties, with on-island providers – like our sister company Blue Sky Luxury – offering several staffed and managed homes and private estates, and modern beachfront apartments. Online marketplaces round out the choice of offerings to ensure that there is truly something for everyone. It’s no wonder Barbados has the highest repeat visitor percentage in the region at 39%.

Transport & Infrastructure
The paved road network along with the island’s relatively flat terrain and extensive public transport, make Barbados’ infrastructure one of the best in the region. The ABC Highway stands out as a vital route from the airport to the west coast and points along the south coast. The island’s modern telecoms options ensure that visitors are never out of touch with their home base. This extends to the island-wide cellular offering which facilitates the use of navigation apps which makes travel around the island easier.

Things to Do

When it comes to sun, sea, and sand, the Caribbean as a region offers this in abundance, and while Barbados is regularly recognised for having some of the region’s best beaches, there is so much more on offer to visitors and residents. These include: Bushy Park Barbados, the only Grade 3 FIA racing circuit in the Caribbean; the Garrison Savannah, a six-furlong grass horse-racing course which hosts the Barbados Gold Cup, one of the most prestigious thoroughbred classic horse race events in the Eastern Caribbean; a variety of polo fields which host several tournaments with international teams competing during the January to May season, and golf courses ranging from the affordable to the exclusive and many in between, several designed by internationally renowned course architects. Once the sun goes down, Barbados continues to shine, with world class restaurants and nightlife that include international hospitality brands like Nikki Beach.