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In this blog post, we will take you on a journey through the rugged and scenic east coast of Barbados, showcasing its natural beauty and hidden gems. While the west coast of Barbados is well known for its luxurious resorts and calm waters, the east coast is a completely different experience that should not be missed.

The Wild and Scenic East Coast

The east coast of Barbados is a majestic coast with a wild. untamed beauty. While world-famous for surfing, most of the beach is unsuitable for swimming. Locals know where the tide pools are and often relax and watch the fish when the tide is low. One of the most popular destinations on the east coast is Bathsheba, a picturesque village that is home to the famous Soup Bowl – a world-renowned surfing spot. Here, you can watch surfers ride the waves or take a surf lesson yourself.

Soup Bowl, Barbados

Another must-visit location is the Andromeda Botanic Gardens, where you can stroll through lush gardens and marvel at exotic plants.

Andromeda Botanic Gardens, Barbados

Hidden Gems

While the east coast of Barbados has many popular destinations, there are also some hidden gems that are worth exploring. One of these hidden gems is the village of Cattlewash, a quiet and secluded spot that is perfect for those who want to get away from the crowds.

Cattlewash, Barbados

Here, you can walk along the beautiful beach or take a dip in the natural rock pools. Another hidden gem is the Morgan Lewis Windmill, a historic landmark that is one of the last remaining sugar mills on the island.

Morgan Lewis Windmill, Barbados

The Culture

One of the best parts of visiting the east coast of Barbados is experiencing its vibrant culture. The locals are friendly and welcoming, and the food is delicious. Don’t miss out on trying some of the traditional Bajan dishes, such as flying fish and Cou-Cou, or sipping on a refreshing rum punch. You can also learn about the island’s history by visiting St. Nicholas Abbey, a beautifully restored plantation house that dates back to the 1650s, or take a train ride there.

St.Nicholas Abbey, Barbados

A journey through the east coast of Barbados is a must-do experience for anyone who visits the island. From its rugged and scenic terrain to its hidden gems and vibrant culture, there is something for everyone to enjoy. So grab your camera, put on your hiking boots, and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime in Barbados.

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Are you ready to dance the night away? Barbados is a perfect vacation spot to grab drinks, laugh with friends, meet people, and show off your dance moves. The varied nightlife scene has plenty to offer everyone.

Popular Spots

Here are some of the most popular clubs, spots, and bars in Barbados:

Festivals and Events

Moreover, the island is also renowned for its celebrations and occasions that feature music and dance. The Crop Over Festival is one such occasion, which occurs every year between June and August. The festival brings locals and visitors together to party as it commemorates the conclusion of the sugar cane harvest. The Grand Kadooment Day, a procession of color and song that highlights the best of Barbadian culture, marks the festival’s conclusion.

Barbados is the ideal travel location if you enjoy dancing. There is something for everyone in Barbados, whether you love bars and nightclubs or festivals and events. Pack your dancing shoes and be ready to enjoy Barbados’ exciting nightlife.

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This beautiful island of Barbados is known for many things, including its stunning beaches, vibrant culture, and delicious food and drinks. There are many bars on the South and West Coast of the island with some of the most amazing cocktail mixes. Speaking of drinks, let’s dive in, here are the top 5 drinks you should order in Barbados:

Delicious glass of Barbados Rum Punch

1. Rum Punch

As the birthplace of rum, Barbados is known for its fantastic rum punch. It’s made with rum, lime juice, sugar, nutmeg, and bitters, and it’s the perfect drink to sip on while soaking up the sun on the beach.

Ice cold Banks Beer brewed in Barbados

2. Banks Beer

Banks Beer is the local beer of Barbados, and it’s a must-try for beer lovers. It’s a light and refreshing lager that pairs perfectly with the island’s seafood dishes.

Mauby is a delicious drink local to Barbados

Photo compliments ‘Bajan Bite’

3. Mauby

Mauby is a traditional Bajan drink made from the bark of the Mauby tree. It has a unique flavor that’s hard to describe, but it’s definitely worth trying.

Pina Colada Drink. Ice cold blended drink. Made by Sea Shed in Barbados

4. Pina Colada

While the Pina Colada is not unique to Barbados, it’s a classic tropical drink that you can’t go wrong with. Made with rum, coconut cream, and pineapple juice, it’s the perfect drink to sip on while watching the sunset.

Sea Breeze Drink with fruit and loads of ice

5. Sea Breeze – The Sea Breeze is a refreshing cocktail made with vodka, grapefruit juice, and cranberry juice. It’s a great drink to cool you down on a hot day. Spruce it up with blackberries, strawberries and any other fruit you love for a delicious twist!

Bonus drink recommendation: If you’re feeling adventurous, try a Bajan-style Mojito. It’s made with rum, fresh mint, lime juice, and sugar, and it’s a refreshing twist on the classic Cuban cocktail. So there you have it, the top 5 drinks to order in Barbados. Make sure to try them all on your next trip to this beautiful island. Cheers!

Dear food lovers! This is an official foodie invitation to the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean! We promise you’ll rejoice at every step of the culinary journey in Barbados. So, let’s get the ball rolling with some of our top Barbados restaurants right now – all certainly bookable by our wonderful Concierge team.

The Tides

While seafood tops the menu at The Tides, everyone is sure to find something to woo their tastebuds. In addition to the truly amazing food, the ambiance is enchanting, setting the perfect mood for the perfect Barbados fine dining experience. Nestle into the Tree House, the Centre Lanai, The Gazebo (with an air condition section) or the Cocktail Lounge and Bar and let your palate be pampered.

Restaurant: The Tides

Mood: Fine Dining

Location: Holetown, St. James

Cuisine: Caribbean, Seafood

Amenities: Valet, lounge, bar

The Cherry on Top: Besides sitting right on the water’s edge, there is also a historic charm to the location. The restaurant is housed in a decades-old residence built after the second world war!

Local & Co.

the newest flavours to savour in Barbados are being whipped up at the Local & Co. This new foodie-crush is a rustic-chic restaurant in a beautiful 18th century home in the heart of Speightstown. What’s extra special about this restaurant is that its ethos is based on sourcing fresh, organic fare from local and regional farmers and foragers – then transforming them into delectable dishes and products for everyone to enjoy.

Restaurant: Local & Co.

Mood: Farm-to-Table

Location: Speightstown, St. Peter

Cuisine: Local, Caribbean

Amenities: Rum bar, in-house marketplace, beachfront seating

The Cherry on Top: It is perfect for vegans with over 30 vegan options on its menu – including some raw vegan dishes, too!

Sea Shed

Come in beach-loving foodies, we have something especially for you. Sea Shed is one of our favourite beachfront eateries right now. It’s quasi-beach club, quasi-contemporary restaurant, but 100% scrumptious food – we can’t even begin to do it justice! And, they’ve proclaimed to be constantly ‘switching things up’ on their menu, so look out for a different surprise on each visit. So lounge, eat, cheers, repeat – right on the stunning Mullins beach!

Restaurant: Sea Shed

Mood: Beach Chic

Location: Mullins, St. Peter

Cuisine: Caribbean, International

Amenities: Bar, lounge, boutique

The Cherry on Top: You can opt to add the beach to your Sea Shed experience by reserving a table on the sand!


Champers has been giving casual dining plus first-class – and extremely consistent quality – food for almost three decades. As you get lost in its beautiful décor and location, ‘casual’ will seem like a misnomer. The south coast staple offers a blend of Barbadian and international fare that continues to make a delicious mark on the Barbados foodie journey.

Restaurant: Champers

Mood: Casual, Business

Location: Rockley, Christ Church

Cuisine: Local, International

Amenities: Bar, beachfront dining

The Cherry on Top: Art lovers rejoice – the restaurant is home to On The Wall art gallery, which effortlessly complements the Champers’ journey of the senses!

Worthing Square

If you want several food experiences in one place, our pick of the moment is the newest melting pot of flavours – Worthing Square! This super casual, food truck-esque stop is jam-packed with many cuisines in a relatively small area: Barbadian, Indian, Venezuelan, Trinidadian, Jamaican, Arabian, French, Japanese… just check it out! Although no reservations are necessary, our concierge team can still point you in the right direction and share their favourite Worthing Square haunts!

Location: Worthing Square

Mood: Outdoor Fun

Location: Worthing, Christ Church

Cuisine: Local, Caribbean, International

Amenities: Seating, Bars, Cafes

The Cherry on Top: It’s the perfect open-air location for a family outing – and there’s something for everyone!

With all that said, our Blue Sky Luxury Concierge team is ready to book you at any of these amazing eateries. And be sure to ask them about more restaurant and culinary options the island has to offer!

Cin Cin!


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