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Curious about the term “villa” as it relates to vacation rentals?

A villa experience (in Barbados) typically refers to renting a private luxury estate with expert staff, impeccable interiors and a host of on-site luxe amenities. Villas can also encompass a less lavish experience however the premise is that the villa is private to you and your guests. Whereas with a hotel it is a shared experience with multiple guests on the same floor.


How do you book a villa?

It is best to trust a reputable company that has been in the villa rental business for over 20 years. Having trusted international and local affiliates is also a good sign. A good villa rental company will have an authentic website and a reservations department where you are able to chat online or send an enquiry. When booking a villa, here are some easy steps to follow:

  1. Visit to start your search.
  2. From the home page enter your arrival and departure dates, total guests and number of bedrooms needed.
  3. Once your search results are returned you can book directly online from the property you choose or send an enquiry to an agent. (Booking online is secure, all credit card information is encrypted.)


Ok! So you are booked. No bell man? No front desk? No restaurant? Hotels have staff available to assist 24/7 and offer a wide range of services such as: room service, housekeeping, and concierge services. What does a villa have?

Many high-end luxury villas have staff such as butlers, chefs, housekeepers and laundresses for the duration of the stay. Concierge & Guest Services and Property Managers are also on hand to make the experience more convenient and luxurious. The concierge offers a more personal and customised vacation experience by arranging fast track, groceries, meals and activities before you even arrive. Property Managers are on call 24/7 in case anything goes wrong at your villa. You will always feel secure as a Guest Services Agent will check with you at your convenience to ensure that all is well. Some holidaymakers prefer to dine out or make use of fully-equipped kitchens. It’s a great option to either plan menus with your chef or to cook on your own. 


What can I expect when I arrive? 

Hope you like rum punch! In some villas the staff will meet you on arrival with a beverage and give you the grand tour. Expert staff members will let you in on any insider information to make you feel more welcome in your home away from home. Welcome packs have lots of information on the island as well as contact numbers in case of any emergencies.


Privacy and independence: Villas typically offer more privacy and independence than hotels, as they are separate, self-contained properties.


Loads of space: Villas usually have more living areas than hotel rooms, which can be especially beneficial for families or groups of friends travelling together. In most cases a villa be double the space of a hotel room.


Outdoor space: Many villas have outdoor areas such as a pool or a patio, which can be great for relaxing and enjoying the beautiful weather in Barbados. Private gardens offer a relaxing oasis for barbecues or a space to rejuvenate in absolute peace.


Amenities: Depending on which villa you choose, like hotels, villas can have a wide range of amenities like swimming pools, fitness centers, and spas.

Ultimately, the choice between a villa and a hotel will depend on your personal preferences and the specific needs of your trip. We recommend trying the villa life at least once, you won’t regret it. You have all the privacy of your home while enjoying the beautiful scenery and luxurious amenities of Barbados.

Written by La Toya Louizon,

Holiday Rentals Manager

Blue Sky Luxury, Barbados




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