Traveling along the South Coast of Barbados? We’re sharing a few historical sites that you can visit and learn more about the history of Barbados.

Top 5 Historical South Coast Sites

  1. The Barbados Museum – This historic site was the home of a former British Military Prison. The prison was constructed in 1817. In 1930 it became the home of the Barbados Museum and Historical Society. After your visit, a 5-7 minute walk takes you to The Garrison Savannah.

Insider’s tip: Public transportation runs on this route from the South and the West Coast.

  1. George Washington House – Barbados was the only country visited by the 1st President of the United States of America. See artifacts, medical equipment, and many other fascinating historical items. A tour of George Washington House offers a journey back in time to showcase life 250 years ago. Our next stop is the Main Guard House and Clock Tower at The Garrison Savannah – a 2-minute walk. 

Insider’s tip:  Stop by the giant Barbados flag for a photo opp, take the children to the playpark or relax on a picnic bench.

  1. The Garrison Savannah in Barbados is home to many treasures. Visit the islands’ collection of 17th-century English iron cannons, the Main Guard House, and the Clock Tower. See the change of sentry at noon or experience horse racing. The annual horse racing event is an authentic local experience where you can try sno-cones, hot, crispy fish cakes, and enjoy lots of activities. An 11-minute walk takes you to our next spot: The Barbados Military Cemetry

Insider’s tip:  A network of tunnels was discovered in 2012. These tunnels are open to the public for tours. For our next stop, you take the scenic beach route to visit and arrive at The Barbados Military Cemetry

As You Continue Your Journey…


  1. The Barbados Military Cemetery is the resting place of the Commonwealth Armed Forces and members of the Defense Force. A walk to this site is breezy and relaxing as it is along the beachfront. At the site, the earliest grave was recorded in 1822. However, the cemetery itself has been in existence since c1780. Take a break, grab a drink at La Cabane, then head over to Needham’s point lighthouse

Insider’s tip:  Go for a quick swim at La Cabane South. Swimming is much safer and, you can have a refreshing cocktail at the beachfront eatery. You can dine here or have something light at Cuzz’s fish shack if you’re heading out for dinner later

  1. Needham’s Point lighthouse is the final stop of our Barbados walking tour. The lighthouse is open to the public and is another picturesque spot for photography. It’s actually the second oldest lighthouse in Barbados. Interested in visiting all the lighthouses on the island? Explore South Point, Ragged Point and Harrison Point. End your day at La Cabane or enjoy calm swimming steps from Cuzz’s Fish Stand.

Insider’s tip: Visit Cuzz’s spot for an iconic fish cutter. Freshly caught local fish sandwiched in a soft and pillowy “salt bread” gives a true taste of Barbadian fare. A 2-minute walk will take you to public transportation where you can visit Bridgetown for shopping.

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