On May 8th, 2021 Barbados will bring into effect a new protocol that allows persons who have been vaccinated free movement in a shorter time than before. What does this mean for visitors? You arrive in Barbados, have your test done, have breakfast, have a dip in the pool, (at your private vacation villa) receive your negative COVID 19 results, and voila, you’re at one of our Top 5 recommended restaurants with hardly any time spent under restrictive movement. Before you get to roaming the Barbados countryside, here are the full details for the new Barbados Travel Protocols for fully vaccinated persons.

What’s a fully vaccinated person?

A fully vaccinated person has been classified by the Barbados Government as having received an approved vaccine in a two-dose regime and has received both doses plus 14 days, or a one-dose regime, one dose plus 14 days. Your vaccination status will be fact-checked by the Barbados Government and persons who do not meet the criteria will fall under the travel protocol for unvaccinated persons. That’s not a terrible thing, it may be a slightly longer wait but the safety of Barbadians and visitors alike has always paramount. However, if you are looking forward to the roaming of said countryside, being fully vaccinated certainly fast tracks you there… ahem, as do our Concierge Can team

How it Works – The New Protocol for Fully Vaccinated Persons

1. Have your vaccination single or double completed + 14 days. Ensure you receive certification from the medical fraternity.

2. Bring to Barbados your PCR test that is negative within the last 72 hours. Ensure you have copies of your certified negative results.

3. Within 24 hours of arrival in Barbados, you will take a rapid test or a classic PCR test. After this, you will have limited movements. (Government has put new measures into place to handle high volumes)

4. Receive negative results of your COVID 19 test and restaurants and roaming will be open to you asap.

How Can we at Blue Sky Luxury Help?

Protocols are constantly changing; Barbados has been quite forward-thinking in ways to operate safely while placing the value of lives at the forefront. Our Concierge Can team can help you:

· Secure your PCR appointment with an approved medical practitioner 

· Arrange for the medical practitioner to test you privately at your villa


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