Finding the right Property Management Software Solution

The need for companies to embrace technology is becoming more and more important. Property Managers must have the ability to work remotely as the demands of the job require them to be out of an office regularly. The restrictions put in place by Government during the COVID-19 pandemic have brought this need to the fore. After completing the research and testing, Blue Sky Luxury has fully invested in a web-based property management software solution.



Why invest in a Property Management Software Solution?

Blue Sky Luxury recognizes the benefits of having information about each of the property located in one centralised place. It is a much more efficient way to store and access information.  Everything from owner contracts, leases, inventory lists and owner contact details can be stored here.

Each home under our management is added to the software, where preventative maintenance schedules and routine inspections are set up and scheduled.  Any issues noticed while doing routine checks by the Property Manager are logged as work orders. These work orders will then be assigned to various contractors or on-site staff. The job is then monitored and tracked during the resolution process through to completion.  The logging of these issues is done immediately at the property, as this software is coupled with a mobile app for both iPhone and Android devices. This makes it easy for Property Managers to submit work orders on the spot.  Digital photos can also be attached to these work orders for reference.  All corrective and preventative maintenance is captured and as the work progresses, updates are added as well as photos if needed (all digitally time-stamped).  Vendor profiles are set up so that they can be assigned to each work order and this can be tracked as well.  Quotes and other documents can be saved, and various reports are available to track to the completion of any work. This ranges from pending, active and closed work orders in progress at any property, at any point in time.

As a reference, checklists have been generated in the software system. These include health & safety checks, guest/owner arrival preparation, hurricane preparedness and COVID-19 cleaning and sanitising checks.  Once submitted in the app, the checklist is stored (date and time stamped) for reference and any corrective action to be taken is logged as a work order.  This has become even more important with the newly implemented protocols by the Government regarding COVID-19 and the requirements for sanitising and cleaning measures that have to be followed and completed.  These checklists are also saved for audit purposes.

The coordination required to ensure that all information is always live can be very time-intensive. Having a solution that allows the Property Manager to assess issues at a holiday rental home is very important. A Property Manager or an owner may need to be able to:

  • Block the availability calendar in real time due to an emergency. This avoids the possibility of bookings being taken while the property is ‘out of commission’.
  • Share information on maintenance issues arising

This avoids the possibility of bookings being taken while the property is ‘out of commission’.

Work orders (service records) will be maintained for reference and can be used to support forecasting maintenance expenses and plan for fixed asset replacements.  Since the software has now become a ‘home’ for all information and records regarding property-related repairs and preventative maintenance, it is a much more efficient way to report to an owner on what is happening at their property.

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