The Main Guard and Clock Tower

You’re in Barbados – yes! The rum punch is flowing, the beaches are flawless and your holiday is, well, perfect. But, let us introduce you to an authentically Barbadian immersion that will sure to be the cherry on top and deepen your appreciation of our island paradise.

We’re taking you to St. Ann’s Garrison, St. Michael, Barbados. A beacon of cultural pride steeped in an illustrious history. This site served as the heart of Britain’s military strength within its Western Hemisphere empire, and on your next trip, will be the perfect place to have a leisurely – and very educational – day of touring!

Locally known as simply ‘The Garrison’, history books and historians alike revere St. Ann’s Garrison as the former home of the British army and navy headquarters in the Eastern Caribbean. And, it has also remained virtually unchanged for over 200 years. Thanks to its many remaining structures and years-long efforts at preserving the site, it is now a treasure trove of stories from a colourful past that have shaped not only the island but the western hemisphere as we know it today.

Garrison Racetrack. Inset: Aerial View of the Savannah

The Garrison’s Savannah is the most expansive feature of this area and greets all visitors with a grandeur of its own. It is the home of horseracing, but outside of that it offers a quiet repose as well as a welcoming greenspace to have an energetic walk, jog or run. There is also the signature landmark, the clock tower, located right by the Main Guard, which transforms into the site of a weekly reenactment spectacle with the ceremonial Changing of the Sentry every Thursday. These central features are complimented by gorgeous buildings around the perimeter, as well as an intriguing ‘other world’ below the surface.


The National Museum

Museums are the order of the day here, and you will have several to choose from. First up is the national museum, which is the home to relics of natural, cultural, political and all other histories of the island. It is housed in the former military prison, which is itself a gorgeous architectural relic of its heyday.

George Washington House

Up next is the George Washington House and Museum – and its name says it all! Indulge in one of the most unique stories in local and American history by visiting the only place the first President of the United States George Washington ever stayed outside of his homeland! But this is not the only treat that is in store at George Washington House. Take the chance to venture below the surface into the maze of underground tunnels that served as drainage to the sea over 150 years ago! And afterwards, take a pause at the Coffee Barbados café for a caffeinated pick-me-up or a delicious lunch.

Across the road is the St. Ann’s Fort – originally called St. Ann’s Castle – which was build in 1705 and now serves as the headquarters of the Barbados Defense Force and the Barbados Regiment. It is also the home of the Barbados National Armoury Museum, which is the world’s largest collection of 17th century English iron cannons, whose piece de resistance is the Commonwealth Cannon of 1652, one of only two still known to exist today. And, below St. Ann’s Fort’s perch is the beautiful Drill Hall beach, which is the scene of many local and international surfing competitions.

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