The Barbados flag is emblazoned with Poseidon’s trident for a reason. The waters off this island are nothing more than breathtaking, and pique each sense for an unforgettable experience that is reminiscent of sirens in its allure. The west coast of the island has the glassiest, most lounge-worthy beaches, which creates the perfect environment for watersports and other ocean- related soft adventures that have become staples during every Barbados holiday.


Seaduced Luxury Charters will whisk you off the powdery coasts for a luxurious experience that can culminate with whatever your whims or fancies. Pair fully air conditioned quarters with an intriguing swim with the turtles, or relax while your private on- board chef whips up the most delicious meal you will enjoy on the seas. But, if that doesn’t get your adrenaline going, they give you all you need to jet across the waters on a speedboat or have a relaxing, playful day with the family.

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