Tickets bought, bags packed – it’s Barbados time!

If you’re on your way to paradise, it’s safe to say you’re in the market for the most authentic Barbados experience. So, let our team at Blue Sky Luxury introduce you to the best of the best of Barbados with our top ten things to do and see while you’re out and about in Barbados!

Barbados From Below

One of the most charming features Barbados has to offer is the fact that the island hides a network of caves just below its surface. So, don’t miss the opportunity to explore the most popular of these caves – Harrison’s Cave – on your next visit! Also, take a trip to the Atlantis Submarines to see the island’s marine life, shipwrecks and reefs up-close and personal on their ever-popular submarine dive!

Beaches Baby!

Yes, we know that Barbados is synonymous with beaches, but trust us, it doesn’t end there. Every one of the island’s beautiful beaches brings its own unique charm to your holiday experience. Explore the west coast’s signature beaches of Gibbes beach and Mullins beach, or rub shoulders with celebrities at Sandy Lane’s namesake beach. Earn some tan-lines lounging at the Boatyard in Bridgetown, or head south to take a stand-up paddle lesson at Pebbles Beach. And, we encourage you to venture further east, on the Atlantic side of the island in the vicinity of Bathsheba, where surfing is the order of the day – with the occasional chance to relax in tide pools.

The Crane Beach

Another east coast beauty is the Crane Beach, which is hands-down one of the most stunning beaches on the island – having even been listed as one of the top 10 beaches in the world by Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous! It is a gorgeous alcove with shady coconut trees and beautiful white sands that contrast beautifully against the deep blues of the Atlantic.


Explore Nature…

Besides our beautiful beaches, reconnect with the soothing hums and whirs of nature at the lush Hunte’s Gardens, Orchid World, Andromeda Gardens or the Welchman Hall Gully. Or, take a more rugged approach with an off-road Island Safari that will take you through the unbeaten rural paths. The picturesque Farley Hill National Park is perfect for picnics, and the National Trust hosts monthly countryside hikes. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to even join the local university volunteers on their turtle protection project as they release the hatchlings into the sea!

…and History!

To appreciate our island is to appreciate our history, and the island’s four major towns offers you all you need to achieve this! The northernmost Speightstown is home to the Arlington House Museum, while our capital Bridgetown is home to the Museum of Parliament and the National Heroes Gallery. And by the way – not to be missed is a visit to the island’s only UNESCO Heritage site, Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison, the latter of which is also the street address of the Barbados National Museum. The island’s countryside is dotted with many old plantation homes including the lovely Sunbury Plantation, which is open for tours and lunch, as well as its centuries-old parish churches that are open for daily visits and quiet reflection.

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Rihanna’s Roots

Did you know that that Barbados is the original home of music royalty? If you’re in or around Bridgetown, take a drive down to Rihanna Drive to visit the first family home of international singing sensation Rihanna!

Cruise Time

A stay in Barbados would not be complete without a leisurely cruise along the island’s breathtaking shores. Gather your family for a daytime Tiami catamaran cruise complete with stops to swim with the turtles or plan a luxurious outing – complete with on-board chef – on the chic Seaduced catamaran. There’s also the option to sail a bit more rustic with a pirate-themed Jolly Roger Black Pearl cruise with lots of rum punch, local music and swashbuckling fun!


Nikki Beach

Kick your shoes off and dive onto a sunbed for an afternoon of fun at one of the island’s newest beachside haunts! Opt for lunch by the pool and enjoy the chic décor, soothing ambiance and gorgeous views of the marina as the friendly staff caters to you and your loved ones.


Play Around

Whether you’re in the mood for golf, tennis or an adrenaline rush, we’ve got you covered! Tee off at one of our world class golf courses at the prestigious Sandy Lane or Royal Westmoreland to name a few or hit the courts for a game of tennis at the Sugar Hill Tennis Village. Take the reins as you try your hand at a polo lesson at the lovely Apes Hill Club, or head east to the motorsports facility at Bushy Park for an adrenaline-pumping afternoon of go-karting or radical-racing action!

Eat, Eat, Eat!

The Barbados menu is a melting pot of worldly cuisines plus a Barbadian infusion, and some of the must try dining options range from beach bars such as Tiki Bar and Copacabana, to food truck options including the very Barbadian Bar Cutters; roadside vendors such as those located in the popular St. Lawrence Gap; and, ultra-fine dining experiences along the ritzy west coast at the likes of Tides Restaurant, Daphne’s, Hugo’s in Speightsown and the flagship fine dining restaurant The Cliff.

Whether you choose a rousing family holiday on our beautiful shores, a relaxing, romantic getaway or want to make lasting memories with friends, our concierge team is here to help you plan it all! Contact us today or start your search for a holiday home here!