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Crop Over is a tradition in Barbados that dates back over 200 hundred years, celebrating the end of our Sugar Cane harvest. Celebratory events start in June and lead all the way up to the beginning of August, ending with Kadooment- the islands most prominent street festival. The island comes alive with culinary street fairs, craft markets, local music competitions and incredible parties with an authentic island vibe! To check out a calendar of events check out:


A big event of our Crop Over Season is Called Fore Day Morning. Now this is a party like no other! Mud, Paint, Water and ‘bare Bacchanal’! The party starts around 2 am and takes you all the way into the morning…there’s nothing better than watching the sun rise while partying with friends!

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Some bands to check out for Fore Day are:

Blue Box Cart

Mix Nutz

Caesars Army

Chocolate Army


Green Lizards Entertainment


‘The Sweetest Day is Monday!’ (Kadooment)

Picture this… feathers, costumes, glitz, glam, wild dancing, sweet soca playing, rum flowing- well its no wonder many Bajans consider it on of the best days of the year! With an early morning start to the festival, partygoers usually hit the road by 8 am and jump (party) until the early afternoon.

If you want to participate in Kadooment, great! The more the merrier, all are welcome! Some bands to check out are:

Blue Box Cart

Baje International

Zulu international

Krave the Band

Aura Experience


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Kadooment is a day where you can’t help but feel euphoric, whether you are a tourist or local, the vibes are good and everyone is welcomed to celebrate the ‘sweetest Monday of the year’.

If you don’t want to partake in the festivities by ‘jumping’ with a band, head down to Spring Garden anyway and ‘revel’ with the spectators. You can watch from the side and enjoy the music and good vibes.

There will be many food vendors along the spring garden highway offering many of the island’s local delicacies. Bring out your inner foodie and try what’s on offer, from hot fragrant fish cakes, savory breadfruit bowls topped with succulent pig tails, barbecue grills churning out copious amounts of burgers, hotdogs and well seasoned Bajan chicken! And of course local fried flying fish and hot hand cut chips. So make an afternoon out of it and enjoy the festivities!

Our concierge team can organize transport to and from ‘de fete’ (Bajan slang for the party) so you don’t have to worry about any thing other than having a good time! Who knows, if you’re lucky you may see Barbados’s very own Rihanna, who attends the festivities almost every year! “It’s one of those things everybody should try to experience” says Rihanna, while in an interview about Barbados, and we agree!

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Let your next visit to Barbados be one of culture and festivities, while staying in the comfort of a luxury villa, making memories of a lifetime!