When we cater to our clients, we are motivated by our deep-seated desire to help them achieve the right balance necessary for a quality life. In this vein, Blue Sky Luxury has risen to the occasion by answering the appeal of a very worthy cause – the fight against bowel cancer.

Through the United Kingdom-based (UK) Bums on Bikes Charity, we have pledged our support to give hope to those suffering with the second biggest cancer killer in the UK, which affects one in every eighteen people in the population.

Despite its playful name, Bums on Bikes is a serious and life-altering agenda, supported by a movement of passionate people and corporations alike. Their concerted efforts are brining much needed awareness to advancing research and treatments of bowel cancer and other forms of chronic and serious bowel conditions, including Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Colitis and Crohn’s disease.

The riders

This June, the charity has decided to make a big step in generating even more awareness – and raising £100,000 for its cause – with a bold challenge that is emblazoned on their website: 1,000 miles, 12 days, 2 wheels, all for charity. And, if we may add one more number to the equation – six men! These adventurous and charitable souls include a bowel cancer survivor, a doctor and those with first-hand experiences with friends and loved ones enduring bowel diseases.

Traveling on bikes from Land’s End in Cornwall to John o’Groats in Caithness, the straight-line course will take the six riders away from major roads onto a designated route that will add over 100 additional miles to the usual 874 miles traveled if using the road network. Also, over the course of the ride, the participants – aptly (or not) labelled ‘a group of middle aged bums’ – will climb almost 55,000 ft at the highest peak of the route.

For further information on the charity, and to make a donation, visit their website www.bumsonbikes.org.