The idyllic scene that pops to mind when considering a destination wedding is punctuated by toes in soft, white sand, beautiful blue waters and -perhaps – a coconut tree or two. However, in Barbados, this vision of an island wedding is actually just the tip of the iceberg. In reality, a destination wedding in Barbados is much more diverse than you would imagine. The island is blessed with hundreds of stunning venues with their own unique charms, and many wedding planners who have mastered the craft of creating dreams.

So, the island is poised to rise to the occasion of your special day regardless of your whims and fancies. To give an idea of what the island has to offer, most weddings fall into one of four (very) broad categories: modern, historic, rustic and beach. The modern affairs are usually hosted at contemporary venues including chic restaurants and villas that give a sense of modernity with thanks to their trendy architecture and décor. Menus also reflect this modern mood, with chic bites and treats in store for your already awe-struck guests.

On the complete opposite side of the spectrum, centuries-old plantation houses are the scenes for historic weddings, complete with several original features and breath-taking gardens that create a timeless backdrop. In addition to historically themed weddings, the rustic take on nuptials is also very much available in Barbados. Maybe your desired location will be a sugar cane field, the ruins of a mansion, or a courtyard in the centre of a rustic villa. Regardless of your choice, each location will offer the charm and uniqueness to create a story within your love story, and will always resonate as that special place where happiness began.

But, for an island as beautiful as Barbados, its beaches are still very much alluring to those looking to tie the knot. The bluest blue skies, shimmering turquoise waters and soft sands continue to top the list for several couples on their big day!

Getting married in Barbados is also very uncomplicated, thanks to the no minimum residency requirements; however, a marriage license is necessary before the wedding.

Nevertheless, there are several wedding planners that we can vouch for that are just a phone call away to guide you through the process towards your big day!