When it comes to planning your holiday this year, Barbados offers the perfect canvas for you to make 2017 the Year of your perfect vacation getaway! Therefore, our New Year’s resolution to you is clear – we promise that your Barbados vacation will be the best holiday you’ll have all year!

One of our first propositions for you to consider is a sporting holiday. Whether it’s to catch the upcoming international tournaments held here or to take advantage of the world-renowned facilities, Barbados is firmly on the radar as the place to come and enjoy some good sporting entertainment. Motorsports, cricket, horse racing, polo, golf, sailing, swimming, tennis, cycling and road races are just a few of the disciplines that fill the yearly calendar – and why not? Barbados’ climate provides the perfect conditions for many, many sporting events. But for those who want to get into the action, one of the most popular holidays is a golfing holiday, which highlights the breathtaking courses across the island. But, to get the adrenaline pumping, embark on an exciting adventure complete with surfing along the south – and even east – coast, or do a few laps on the FIAmotor racing circuit at Bushy Park.

But if all this is a bit too fast paced, retreat and relax with the calming effects of the island’s gentler side. Besides its fresh sea breezes and natural charm as the backdrop, several zenful oases are created at the numerous gardens, reserves and shorelines across the island. Serene gullies and gardens filled with exotic flowers are the scene for afternoon tea, and the calm tidepools of the east coast soothe and relax. Or, opt to take a quiet sunset sail along the island’s gentle west coast in the comfort of a luxurious catamaran. In the comfort of your own holiday home, enjoy private yoga and mindfulness sessions poolside, or destress with aromatic massages and spa treatments that rejuvenate the heart and soul.

But, as the sun hides behind the horizon, the island’s nightlife beckons to those who don’t want to squander the night. Along the island’s west and south coasts, the night scene is a lively one, complete with spots and clubs that cater to every taste. Dine with family and friends at one of the island’s exquisite restaurants as you experience the tranquillity of waters lapping against the shores. Or, enjoy the intoxicating rhythms and dazzling lights of the several night clubs and hotspots along the coasts. Finally, get into the spirit of things with an endearing night at a popular rum shop, or savour a cocktail or two at a swanky west coast bar.

Are you a foodie at heart? Well Barbados also has the best restaurants and other options to cater to your foodie desires! From the sidewalk to high-end restaurants, slow food to fast food, the island is equipped to tickle every foodie’s fancy! The decadent west coast is home to some of the most revered restaurants that offer from the finest in international cuisine to the freshest medleys of seafood and local fare. Dotted between them, and across the island, are many other dining options including Indian, Thai, Brazilian and other international cuisine, local stops, vegan and vegetarian delis as well as dessert and pastry stops complete with organic options. Another charming option for foodies is the chance to have a local chef cater to them during their stay, an experience which comes complete with visits to local markets to procure farm fresh ingredients!   Local cooking classes can also be arranged so you can enjoy a little of the island flavour after you return home.

But, if you are more of a drifter and go on your own beat, we invite you to at least explore our beautiful island and it’s rich history – we’re sure you will grow a profound appreciation for more than just its pristine waters and perfect beaches!

Whatever your soul desires….resolve to visit Barbados as chances are you will discover what you crave.

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