Barbados usually puts on an impressive showing of its tropical tunes and intoxicating island beats. But in early December, the iconic island sounds give away to orchestral renditions at the Classical Pops show! For the past three years, Barbados has been listed among the ranks of venues in Hyde Park, The Mann and Central Park as home to this spectacular musical treat. This year, on December 9 and 10, a rhapsody of symphonic melodies will again fill the air at the luxurious grounds of the Apes Hill Club, transforming the space into a virtual – and tropical – outdoor symphony hall.

The evenings will feature classical works and contemporary popular music accompanied by the crème de la crème of film composers, Broadway performers and other featured guests from the operatic fraternity. Past events included New Hollywood: A Film Night Encore, where soundtracks and music from modern Hollywood were delivered with a classical twist by the all-star orchestra – with a special guest appearance by Barbados’ own folksinger the Mighty Gabby!

Find out more about the lineup here and rest assured that the synergy of sound at Classical Pops is sure to delight and amaze, regardless of individual musical preferences. Contact our concierge to find out how you can attend this weekend of classical wonderment!