Sweet, sweet Jamaica, the island invokes images of sunny beaches, misty mountains, reggae nights, waterfalls, romantic sunsets, bright smiles and universal love!  It’s no secret that visiting Jamaica should be on everyones bucket list, there’s just something about the island, its people, the food, music and relaxed ethos that makes this unique paradise one of a kind.  Here are our top 6 reasons to visit this island paradise and fall in love with Jamaica!

1. Natural beauty

Think Jamaica is all sun, sand and sea? You couldn’t be more wrong. The island truly has something for everyone! From lush mountains with breathtaking views to natural fresh water courses and secluded waterfalls, it’s begging to be explored. We recommend a day trip to Irie Blue Hole, a natural waterfall located in the hills with turquoise waters and stunning tropical fauna.


2. The Culture

Everything Jamaicans do they do it with soul. The birthplace of reggae, this intoxicating rhythmic pulse seems to resonate from the soil itself.  Coupled with the truly welcoming people and natural tropical beauty we guarantee you will embrace Jamaica for yourself – say it with us now “Yeh Mon”.

3. The Food

Everyone knows about the infamous Jerk Chicken and be warned, it’s not for the faint of heart, there is some serious heat in that sauce! But trust us, every meal you sample will be your favourite. Breakfast is our favourite part of the day with staples such as Ackee and Salt fish, Bammy, Green Banana and Callaloo. We hear you…Callawho? Just trust us, you’re going to EAT A LOT on this island, try everything! Try the Oxtail, Red Pea Soup, Mackerel Rundown all the local favorites are mouthwatering and definitely worth sampling.



4. Mangoes

Jamaica is rich with natural produce and the fruit is fresh, exotic and simply delicious. Vendors line the streets with their bounty and you will soon discover fruit you didn’t know existed! Paw Paw, Sweet Sop, Naseberries to name a few but the local favourite is definitely the mango. There are over 20 types of Mangos available on the island each with its own flavor and texture. Grab a Julie or East Indian but our absolute favourite is the Bombay! *Did we mention its mango season RIGHT NOW?  🙂

5. The Coast

Ok we said there was so much more to the island but we would be remiss not to highlight that it is home to some of the more gorgeous beaches in the world.  Standard hotspots would include Seven Miles Beach in Negril and Doctors Cave in Montego Bay, but take a day trip to the Eastern coast and behold the magic of Frenchman’s Cove in Port Antonio and the tranquility of Blue Lagoon on the same coast.

6. Adventure!

Jamaica is the perfect holiday destination for families! Take the kids for an exhilarating climb up Dunn’s River Falls, enjoy a leisurely journey along one of its many natural rivers on a bamboo raft, whip through the mountains on a zip line, have a swim with the dolphins in their natural environment, or just spend your days hitting the links at one of the many first class golf courses on the island.

Every day brings a new adventure, new tastes and new memories. Don’t just take our word for it. Each villa provides efficient, welcoming staff and concierge service, ensuring that your every need is met!

Book your Jamaica holiday today and let Blue Sky Luxury take care of all your needs!