As far as tropical paradise goes, Barbados is pretty hard to beat! Year round sunshine, gorgeous crystal clear waters, friendly people and a never-ending calendar of events keep visitors coming back time and again for more! The busiest season is winter of course, when snowbirds seek escapism from the endless cold, the appeal is obvious. But there is a little known secret that many in the diaspora know: SUMMER is where the ‘real’ action is.

 This is the season the locals don’t miss. It is the time of our annual Crop Over festival, which began centuries ago as celebration signaling the end of the sugar cane harvest. Today the festival has evolved significantly and features an endless calendar of events.

 While its now considered one of the best carnival experiences in the world; it is the entire summer experience that warrants your attention. We give you 5 awesome reasons why Barbados is your ideal summer destination.

J'ouvert   J'Ouvert Crowd

1. J’ouvert

Preceding the final jump there is a ‘mud mass’ on the Friday before….a midnight street party and a mini carnival in itself. Revelers cover themselves with paint and mud (sounds dirty but it’s remarkably liberating and refreshing) and parade the streets until dawn.  Music trucks lead the way through the cool night air, the streets are lit and this is widely considered the official start to the long weekend. Dawn comes too soon….every time.


Kadooment Costumes

2.  Kadooment Day

This is the highlight of the summer.  The big jump is an experience you can never forget. Bright bikinis, feathers, beads and smiles fill the streets as music trucks pulsate with calypso ensuring the vibe is felt by all along the way. There is no keeping still, your body dances from 7am until you hit Spring Garden and the ocean around three in the afternoon. Drinks are served en route and bands break for lunch, it feels like the whole island comes out to participate.

3. The Music

Want to get a party started? Brush up on your calypso. Trust us, one summer in Barbados and you will have your playlist for life. This uplifting, rhythmic style of music is rooted in African and French influences. The songs tend to be tongue in cheek commentary on island life or straightforward homages to the magic that is carnival; it is unlike anything you’ve had in your iPod before.  Indeed many international artistes now seek out the talents of local calypsonians to add that festive vibe to their collaborations and calypso vibes are quickly making their way into the music scene abroad. We urge you to embrace this genre and head to as many events as possible, each holds a different vibe; all hold the key to the best summer ever!

Blue Sky Luxury - Easy Reach   Leith Court

4. Accommodations

Summer is considered ‘low season’ in Barbados. Simply put this just means that it’s less populated with the snowbirds. Which makes it so much more attractive for those looking to experience tropical paradise at a fraction of the cost. There are many gorgeous oceanfront villas and condos that can be shared by families or friends to make your holiday one to remember.  Villa life comes with the added bonus of privacy and experienced staff that will ensure you can enjoy a stress free vacation. Check our Summer Rates and see which villas best fits your vacation plans. Don’t forget that our concierge can arrange all activities for you to experience the island like a local.

Little Seascape   Schooner Bay

5. Social Scene

 During the summer months Barbados becomes a melting pot of Caribbean culture. Barbadians living overseas return home to reconvene with friends and family and enjoy the party scene. So too do many West-Indians from neighboring islands. Indeed experiencing the island in its authenticity has always been the draw; night time street parties, day time island tours and beachfront sundowners, the islands social scene has evolved into a more sophisticated summer experience. We urge you to get our your calendar and book the dates!

Bonus: Missed Crop Over… There is Sun, Sea and Sand all year-a-round.

It would be remiss of us not to highlight that of course, island life carries on long after the last crop over fete is finished. Low season deals continue well into November and there are plenty of opportunities to visit the islands best beaches, many historic landmarks or just kick back with a rum punch and enjoy the laid back vibe. Take the kids swimming with the turtles during a day; pack a cooler and take an island tour with friends or dive right in and go for a surf or paddleboard lesson. There is no end of activities for all ages, making Barbados your ideal destination holiday. Anytime is island time.