Blue Sky Luxury is so happy for our Dominica Villa Partner’s Secret Bay who has just celebrated three years since their Uniquely Caribbean Villas Launched. As they have written “ three years ago the first guests woke up at Secret Bay, we waited nervously, hoping they had had a good night’s sleep, hoping they loved the place as much as we did. Hoping that our dream of creating a luxury Eco lodge in Dominica was about to come true….” They knew the country  that they love and call home was the perfect place for the sort of barefoot luxury that Secret Bay  has to offer.  Secret Bay offers a most Unique Holiday Home experience that complements and enhances the unique setting of the island of Dominica.

Well sufficed to say, three years later, clearly the first guest woke up happy and many more since then have had the very same amazing experience!

Blue Sky luxury, in their Caribbean expansion, was an early partner of Secret Bay, and Dominica.  Being Caribbean based, we are proud to say we know our islands,  “ had Christopher Columbus been alive today, he would still recognize the island of Dominica”…. Still Completely Unique, Pristine and the last of the untouched Caribbean.

In speaking with the Villa Owners, they shared that “since Secret Bay opened their doors three years ago, people have just kept on coming, and the moments that they have shared with their guests have exceeded all the dreams they had in the begining.  If that were not enough satisfaction they have also received some amazing recognition from the Caribbean Travel industry, including been voted the number 1 luxury resort in the Caribbean by Islands magazine and the 3rd sexiest bedroom in the world by Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

However, of all the awards and accolades they have received in such a short time, the ones that have meant the most have been those from Trip advisor for Exceptional Service and for Romance – because they have been voted for by their guests.

Blue Sky Luxury Joins Secret Bay in celebrating their first three years. We are pleased to know that our Blue Sky Luxury Guests are in very capable hands, and we endorse Secret Bay as it is in keeping with our brand, which is to offer the best in class homes across the Caribbean. We are the Caribbean Holiday Home Experts, and we look forward to sending many more of our satisfied guests to the best “secret” hideaway in the Caribbean.

In this Hectic world we live in we highly recommend that one must experience Caribbean Luxury living by simply “unplugging” and we are proud to offer Dominica and Secret Bay to all our Blue Sky luxury guests.

Contact us today, and let us take the work out of planning the most amazing Caribbean Experience, one tailor made just for you………