Delicious…sumptuous…savory or just simply, “delightful’. These are all words you could use to describe exceptional culinary delights, and we guarantee that these are just a few of the words that will come out of your mouth when you experience the Barbados Food, Wine and Rum Festival taking place between November 21-25 2013. Taste your way through 4 days of culinary experiences sure to leave you yearning for seconds.

If you are a certified ‘Foodie’, then this is one festival that was designed with you in mind! You will get a true taste of island delicacies as celebrity chefs and wine & spirits experts wow you with exotic combinations of foods, wines and rums!

Mark your calendars, because on Saturday November 23rd, the Lion Castle Polo Estate will be the setting of the festival’s Flagship event: “Ambrosia IV”! Joining nine of the top chefs on the island are food network stars like Aaron McCargo, Jr. and Anne Burrell as well as top Canadian chef Mark McEwan. This is your chance to taste some of everything! We are not kidding…this event’s popularity has grown because you can taste every exotic appetizer, main course and dessert that these world-renowned chefs prepare that night. So make sure you eat light that day and bring a hearty appetite, because this is one event that will ensure you go away happy!
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A Lovely Caribbean Setting Perfect For Celebrating Food, Wine & Rum!