1. Don’t forget your plug adaptor when travelling to Barbados

Electricity is supplied at 110 volts/50 cycles so if you are travelling to Barbados from North America you will not need a small appliance converter but our guests from Europe should be prepared.

The sockets are suitable for either;
2 Flat blades
2 Flat blades with round grounding/earth pin

2.  Get the correct currency for your Barbados holiday

The unit of currency in Barbados is the Barbadian dollar (BDS) which is tied to the US dollar (USD). At the Central Bank of Barbados 1 USD is worth 1.98 BDS but street value is usually US$1.00 = BDS$2.00. All stores will accept US cash as payment but your change will be given back to you in Barbados dollars. Some of our larger retailers will also accept canadian cash as well as sterling.

3.  Use of credit cards whilst travelling in Barbados
Most Barbados businesses, hotels & restaurants encourage and accept major credit cards. The most widely accepted ones are Visa, AmEx, Master Card, Diners Club, En Route, Eurocard, and Barclaycard. However you should note that some of the smaller business establishments in Barbados operate on a cash only basis so its best to have some local cash on you as you explore the Island.

4.  Ensure you have a valid Drivers License and Permit whilst on your Barbados holiday
All authorised rental car companies can issue you a local driver’s permit with the presentation of your valid license. You are required to have one if you will be operating a vehicle while on the island – even if you currently posses an International license. The cost for a visitor permit is $5US for a 2 month permit or $50US for a 12 month permit. You can also obtain a permit from any one of the 3 licensing authority offices located in Oistins, The Pine, or Speightstown.

5.  Why not earn more Airline Miles with Virgin Atlantic Flying Club and American Airlines Aadvantage Miles whilst travelling to Barbados
You can now earn additional miles with Blue Sky Luxury when you stay at many of our luxury Barbados villas and apartments. You’ll see either a Virgin Flying Club logo or an American Airlines Aadvantage logo on the villas and apartments that qualify.